10 high profile unsigned veterans and how they would (or wouldn’t) fit in with the Miami Dolphins

Now that the draft is over, NFL teams have reset their rosters and we can expect to see some of the top veterans who weren’t signed join new teams.

It’s happened before with safety Tyrann Mathieu joining the New Orleans Saints, and the question is whether any of those high-profile free agents could be on their way to Miami.

Just two days ago, agent Drew Rosenhaus said during his weekly TV appearance in South Florida that he had discussions with the Dolphins about two of his veteran clients, tackle defensive Akiem Hicks and point defenseman Carlos Dunlap.

Earlier in the offseason, the Dolphins brought in veteran defenseman Melvin Ingram and linebacker Reuben Foster for a visit and practice, respectively, and general manager Chris Grier made it clear after the draft that the team had no not finished trying to improve the list if possible. .

With that in mind, here’s a look at 10 top veteran free agents still on the market (all salaries from overthecap.com) and what kind of game they could be for the Dolphins.


Team 2021: Detroit Lions

Cap 2021: $19.9 million

2021 statistics: 7 games, 7 starts, 1.5 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR

Fit with Dolphins: The Dolphins are clearly looking for top defensemen based on them looking to Ingram and Dunlap, but Flowers has only played seven games each of the past two seasons. They don’t sign it for a lot of money, if at all.


Team 2021: Cleveland Browns

2021 ceiling: $14.7 million

2021 stats: 12 games, 12 starts, 52 catches, 570 yards, 11.0 average, 2 TDs

Fit with the Dolphins: Dolphin fans are well aware of what Landry can do when he’s healthy, and that’s be hyper-productive from the slot machine. But the Dolphins are at the point where they don’t really need to add any more veteran wide receivers after landing Tyreek Hill, Cedrick Wilson Jr. and Trent Sherfield in free agency and then drafting Erik Ezukanma in the fourth round.


Team 2021: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2021 ceiling: $12.8 million

2021 statistics: 12 games, 12 starts, 2.5 sacks, 1 FF

Fit with Dolphins: If the Dolphins go for a veteran defenseman, there are better options than JPP, who has had a lackluster 2021 season.


Team 2021: Chicago Bears

2021 cap: $12.0 million

2021 stats: 9 games, 9 starts, 25 tackles, 3.5 sacks

Fit with Dolphins: The Dolphins re-signed veteran John Jenkins to fill the running jamming backup role, but would add a pass-rushing dimension. The problem with Hicks is that he’s battled injuries the past three seasons and will turn 33 in November.


Team 2021: Pittsburgh Steelers

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2021 cap: $15.8 million

2021 stats: 12 games, 11 starts, 0 INTs, 38 tackles

Fit with Dolphins: Haden is a three-time Pro Bowl selection, but the Steelers opted out of re-signing him this offseason. The Dolphins don’t need a veteran cornerback much at this point with Xavien Howard and Byron Jones already on the roster.


Team 2021: Cleveland Browns

2021 ceiling: $11.1 million

2021 statistics: 16 games, 16 starts

Fit with Dolphins: He’s a player Dolphins fans have been clamoring for with the idea that he would be an upgrade from fourth-year player Michael Deiter. The fact that he remains unsigned at this time is a bit of a surprise given he is a quality player, although knee and ankle issues have kept him from training much in 2021 – even though he didn’t miss a shot in any of the games he played. .


Team 2021: Buffalo Bills

Salary 2021: $6.1 million

2021 statistics: 17 games, 16 starts, 2 sacks, 2 FF

Fit with Dolphins: Hughes will be 34 at the start of next season and has done very little for the Bills’ pass rush in 2021. It looks like there are better options if the Dolphins want to add this veteran defenseman.


Team 2021: Minnesota Vikings

2021 cap: $6.1 million

Statistics 2021: 11 games, 11 starts, 72 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 2 FR

Fit with Dolphins: The Vikings restructured Barr’s contract last offseason and he remains a solid linebacker with the versatility to play both 3-4 or 4-3, but he’s had knee issues in the past and his 3-4 experience dates back to his days at UCLA.


Team 2021: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2021 cap: $3.2 million

2021 stats: 17 games, 17 starts, 27 tackles, 6 sacks

Fit with Dolphins: Suh remains a productive and incredibly durable defensive lineman even at 35, but a replay in Miami seems highly unlikely for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that Suh isn’t exactly a good outline.


Team 2021: Kansas City Chiefs

Number of caps 2021: $597,000

2021 statistics: 15 games, 7 starts, 25 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF

Fit with Dolphins: Ingram turned 33 on April 26, but showed last season after signing a one-year deal with Pittsburgh and then being traded to Kansas City that he can still be a factor as a pitcher of passes. The Dolphins have brought him in for visits each of the past two offseasons, so there’s obviously interest there. Maybe a deal will be done this year.

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