2 reasons why this rebuilding of the Detroit Lions may be different from the others

The Detroit Lions are not a great team, but this rebuild has once again reset expectations and there is reason to be hopeful.

The Detroit Lions are not a good team. However, there should be some consolation that rebuilding from scratch is the heart of the matter.

Lions fans sing the Honolulu Blues again. The Motor City NFL contestant hasn’t managed to get it right since their last championship in 1957.

It’s a long time. Just ask anyone this last title. If you ask someone who wasn’t, it really sounds like ancient history.

For those of us who have never known the joy of seeing our Lions become world champions, let alone being a legitimate candidate to do so, there is a void that never ceases to eat away at our souls.

Of course, for those of us who have seen the Detroit Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings win it all, we know what the thrill of a championship looks like. But the Lions are the kings of the Motor City. Detroit is a football city.

The Lions generate more interest than any of the other three professional tenants who reside within walking distance of Ford Field. These three other residents have in fact had success over the past few decades however.

Yet here we sit and watch the Lions no matter what. Even in the past, when the Tigers made a late-season push for the playoffs, they still haven’t been able to beat their neighbors Blue and Silver from Honolulu.

Yet, as we go through another difficult season, there may be reasons for optimism. The Lions are going to be bad this year, there’s no getting around that. But when you consider that they are in the process of completely rebuilding their roster and have the second youngest team in the league, they have pretty good reason to be bad.

The Lions appear to be in a lifelong rebuilding, but here are a few reasons why this time around will be different.

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