2022 NFL Free Agency Rankings: Edge Defenders | NFL News, Rankings & Stats

Harold Landry III has a capability that the 32 teams are looking for: availability. His 2,609 snaps since 2019 is more than 250 more than the second-highest edge rusher, and he’s one of seven edge rushers over time to crack 2,000 snaps. Los Angeles Rams rusher Leonard Floyd is second to Landry with 2,357, and he signed a very respectable four-year, $64 million deal with the Rams this offseason. The two earned a similar rating in 2019-20, with Floyd slightly surpassing Landry in overall rating (71.0 to 67.3), run defense rating (72.7 to 71.2) and passing rating -rush (64.1 to 61.8). Being an above average ironman certainly has value at a place like edge rusher.

Provisional contract: 4 years — average $15 million/year

9. Justin Houston

Ranking of PFF Free agencies: 37
Snaps 2021: 577
PFF score 2021: 78.4 (18th of 114)

After scoring below 79.0 just once in eight seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs — his rookie season — Houston signed a two-year, $23 million deal with the Indianapolis Colts in 2019. He debuted with 60 quarterback pressures for the Colts, but posted a career-low 64.4 pass-rush rating in 2020. It was the first mark below 70.0 of his career, and his 32 quarterback pressures were his fewest in a full season since his rookie season in 2011. The 2020 offseason salary cap drop couldn’t have come at a worse time, and Houston finally agreed to sign with the Baltimore Ravens for less than many other teams would have offered. His seven quarterback hits midway through the 2021 season ranks tied for ninth among leading rushers. It should be able to rebound in a better market.

Provisional contract: 1 year — average $7 million/year

10. Jerry Hughes

Ranking of PFF Free agencies: 39
Snaps 2021: 580
PFF score 2021: 71.8 (30th of 114)

Hughes has become something of a pass rush specialist to close out his career, his 89.9 pass rush rating since 2019 being the eighth-highest rating among top rushers. But his 57.7 rating in run defense ranks 91st out of 135 peak rushers. Teams will always pay for someone who can get past the opposing quarterback, and Hughes shows no signs of losing that ability even at 33.

Provisional contract: 1 year — average $16.5 million/year

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11. Derek Barnett

Ranking of PFF Free agencies: 55
Snaps 2021: 776
PFF score 2021: 62.3 (72nd of 114)

The Eagles let 2017 first-round pick Derek Barnett play his optional fifth season in 2021, going so far as to push a $7.25 million salary cap through 2022 just to accommodate everyone. . While that might suggest both sides will explore at least a post-season extension, Philadelphia signed third-round rusher Josh Sweat in 2018 to a three-year, $40 million extension, which could make Barnett a man. strange. Barnett is very consistent, with his five season ratings ranging between 59.0 and 68.0. No facet of his game has ever scored below 55.0 in a season. It has a very high floor, but its ceiling may not be as high as originally planned when it came out of Tennessee. A good comparison contract recently signed could be Cincinnati Bengals rusher Sam Hubbard, who signed a four-year, $40 million extension ahead of the 2021 season. Hubbard is also a player who is solid on run defense at 4-3 defensively, but doesn’t offer a ton of production as a passer.

Provisional contract: 3 years — average $12.5 million/year

12. Jason Pierre-Paul

Ranking of PFF Free agencies: 88
Snaps 2021: 637
PFF score 2021: 46.5 (112th of 114)

Jason Pierre-Paul is in the final year of a two-year, $25 million contract signed with the Buccaneers ahead of their Super Bowl run in 2020. Pierre-Paul is still showing flashes, totaling at least two quarterback pressures- back in six of his nine games, but the injuries have started to catch up a bit. Now in Grade 12, Pierre-Paul hasn’t scored above 70.0 all season since 2016, but he’s also never recorded below 60.0 all season.

Provisional contract: 1 year — average $7 million/year

13.Charles Harris

Ranking of PFF Free agencies: 106
Snaps 2021: 871
PFF score 2021: 68.7 (38th of 114)

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