2022 NFL Vikings Draft Recap

Sorry to say, but I found our first project under our new regime very disappointing. Lose 20 spots in round one and get safety number two when [Kyle] Hamilton was still on the board is a headache. Also, the compensation, even if previously discussed, seems very small while many people thought that losing eight places at number 20 would bring us [at least a] First round 2023. Remains draft average at best with questionable character issues included. I hope someone will prove me wrong. Will be at the Tottenham Stadium to cheer on my Vikes. SKOL.

— Andy Turton in Rugby England

Seems to be good value [for Cine] at No. 32. Permitted to mount and hook a quality CB. Most NFL pundits note [Cine’s] High football IQ, solid hard hitter. Add its pure speed. Detect and Destroy. Potential for another Harrison Smith? Looking forward to the possibility of a three-safety backfield. This could be a very confusing defense for opponents. But like all professions and certain selections, it was for me. Loaded in numbers at RG. I sure hope we have the depth at CB? As usual, time will tell if we picked good stocks.

OK, so let’s look at what the Vikings did with the first-round pick. They went from 12 to 32 with a division rival. (Adofo-Mensah) seems like a very bright guy, and I know there were a lot of people in the war room. How NOT to ask for one of the two first-round picks of the Lions in 2023???!!! According to the Lions, they expected the Vikings to ask for it AND were willing to give it!! But they were shocked that Minnesota only wanted to trade second-round picks. If that’s true, (Adofo-Mensah) is a terrible GM! Then, with choice 32, they choose a security. Had they stayed at 12, they might have had the top safety in the draft, Hamilton. Or taken [cornerback Trent] McDuffie. Both considered better players than Cine. But the worst part is that they let the Lions take the best receiver! Unacceptable. Then, the next day, they exchange with [Green Bay] and don’t ask for or get Green Bay’s top pick next year! If GB doesn’t part with a lot, we don’t trade with them. It makes NO sense to upgrade GB. Let another team trade with them. So another top WR goes to a division rival when our secondary is already horrible. NO smart moves. Now, I hope they all work out, but on the face of it, both chords were terrible. So on paper after the draft is it safe to say the Vikings greatly improved the Lions and Packers and maybe slightly improved the Vikings????

I’m from Minnesota and have followed the Vikings since the first shot of their first practice. After spending a few days thinking about our recent draft, I’m still upset with how it was handled. Swap multiple times? Help our division rivals? Was Rick Spielman still leading the draft? Of course, it looked like it. No wonder we can never wrestle or get past .500. When I think of the players we could have had at 12 and 34, I can only shake my head and wonder what management thinks. I’ll be a Vikings fan for the rest of my life, but the franchise is sure to make things difficult for us loyal fans. I’m almost 77 and time is running out for me to see a Lombardi [Trophy] in Minnesota. Go Vikings! Do not let me down ! SKOL forever!

— Irv Globstad in West Des Moines, Iowa

The Lions have done what they think will improve their team, as have the Packers and Vikings. Let’s see who is right. Too many draft picks don’t work.

First of all, the Vikings organization was delighted to announce last Wednesday that they would be competing in the 2022 International Series in one of three London Games this year. Minnesota will face New Orleans in Week 4. Subscribe for details on vikings.com/london.

Know that the 2022 NFL schedule will be revealed in full at 7 p.m. (CT) on Thursday, May 12. Keep an eye out for other games that might be announced until then. Also, be sure to check out the calendar-related content we’ll have here later this week.

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