3 reasons Ryan Tannehill and the Titans will reach Super Bowl 56

The Tennessee Titans will be one of the last teams any playoff team will want to face. They have elite running play, an above average quarterback and arguably the best defense in all of football. Usually, when a team has an elite running back and an elite defense, they will be very successful in the playoffs.

Let’s take a look at three reasons the Titans can win Super Bowl 56.

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Tennessee Titans Super Bowl

3. Arguably the best defense in football

The reason the Titans have been so successful this season is because they have arguably the best defense in all of football. They’ve had some impressive games, including allowing just three points against the Kansas City Chiefs, 16 points against the Los Angeles Rams, and then another three-point game against the Miami Dolphins in Week 17.

Their defense always finds a way to get interceptions and fumble recoveries, which will desperately help them. If they can get playoff turnovers, they can find success and come away with a win. Tennessee is going to need their defense to continue to be one of the best in football, and if they can keep it up, they can win a Super Bowl.

2. Derrick Henry returns

What more do we really have to say? Henry is arguably the best running back in all of football and with the Titans picking him up just before the playoffs they are very happy and that is going to help them find a lot of success around playoff time.

Obviously, many teams that have won the Super Bowl over the past decade have done so by having an elite quarterback run the offense. Derrick Henry is the perfect guy to have a running back and that’s going to help Tennessee win a Super Bowl. He’s one of the best running backs the game has ever seen and because of his quality the Titans are going to be successful.

Anytime you have that elite running back you usually do well in the playoffs because if your running game is good your team is generally good. It opens up the offense so much and it’s going to help this Titans team in the playoffs.

1. Tannehill is a good NFL quarterback

There were certainly questions about Ryan Tannehill before he joined the Tennessee Titans after playing for the Miami Dolphins. In his defense, few players have enjoyed much success with the Dolphins in the past decade, so you can’t give him too much credit for his lack of success in Miami. He hasn’t necessarily been great this season, but he’s been pretty good. We also have to take into account that he arguably wasn’t the best running back in all of football as Derrick Henry has missed many games this season due to injury. This has caused him not to have such a good running game and it certainly doesn’t help a quarterback. This led to more interceptions from his point of view and overall not playing as well as he could have been.

If Derrick Henry can get back to everything he was before the injury, Ryan Tannehill will be very successful and the Titans too in the playoffs. When he’s got someone who can lead the game and open the offense, he’s an above average NFL quarterback.

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