A look at Aaron Rodgers’ absurd career stats

Aaron Rodgers is at least one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The reason a lot of people refer to him the same as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning is both because of his ridiculous football throwing ability and some of his absurd stats. The stats you’re about to see are proof that he’s the most effective quarterback of all time and proof that he always has his team in position to win any game.

Starting with touchdowns and interceptions, Rodgers has thrown 449 career touchdown passes and just 93 career interceptions. That’s a TD-INT ratio of 4.83 to 1. That’s the best ever. In all likelihood, the No. 12 will throw his 500th touchdown pass before his 100th interception. There has never been such an effective and prolific QB at the same time. He does not return the ball. The last time he threw double-digit interceptions in a season was in 2010, 12 years ago. In 2018, he set the record for most consecutive passes without an interception with 402. Rodgers also has the best six TD-INT ratio seasons in NFL history among skilled passers (at least 4,000 yards per the pass).

The California native can argue that he also has the two highest-rated passing seasons (2020, 2011). He technically has the best QBR in NFL history among qualified starters at 104.5 (minimum six NFL seasons). Those two seasons are two of the greatest quarterback seasons in history. Rodgers won two of his four MVP awards during those seasons. In 2011, he set the record for most passing plays with a passer rating above 110 (11). In 2020, a COVID year, Rodgers threw for 48 touchdowns and just five interceptions en route to his third MVP award. It’s funny. He threw his third career pick that season. He threw three pick sixes on 7,118 career attempts. For context, Matthew Stafford threw 27, Matt Ryan threw 19, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger both threw 18 and Derek Carr, who is eight years younger than Rodgers, threw 14 picks of six in his career.

Rodgers has the most of those seasons with 35+ touchdowns (6), 40+ touchdowns (3) and 45+ touchdowns (2). He has the most 70-yard touchdown passes in NFL history (21). It took him the fewest games to reach 300 passing touchdowns (144) and 400 passing touchdowns (193). That stat is ridiculous because he wasn’t named a full-time starter at Green Bay until his fourth year in the league.

If Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl, he will join the highly exclusive list of quarterbacks with at least three MVP awards and multiple championships. This list is made up of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Johnny Unitas.

There is no debate. Aaron Rodgers’ stats and ability prove why he’s arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. He is easily the most effective pitcher in football history. His talent is unmatched. If he gets at least one more Super Bowl ring, that might be all he needs to claim his position as the greatest ever.

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