A piece of NFL broadcast history involving the Vikings

For a lot of football fans of a certain age. . .an age group I think I belong to. . .There is no better play-by-play combination in football history than the team of Pat Summerall and John Madden. And while I’d like to think I know the Minnesota Vikings and their history pretty well, Joe Buck let go of a bit of knowledge in today’s afternoon’s first game that I had no knowledge of. idea to involve our favorite football team, Pat Summerall, and John Madden.

Because I didn’t know it until today, I figured I would pass it on to everyone as well.

Today, November 25, marks Madden and Summerall’s birthday sharing a booth together for the first time, and it happened during a game involving the Minnesota Vikings. The game was held in Tampa Bay on November 25, 1979 between the Vikings and the Buccaneers, and Madden ended up in the booth with Summerall for the game because Summerall’s regular partner Tom Brookshier had a family engagement which was in conflict with the game Vikings / Buccaneers. .

This game saw the Vikings emerge victorious over the Buccaneers by a score of 23-22 with the Vikings blocking not one, but two more points. While the play-by-play on the following video is a bit weak, it’s definitely Madden and Summerall who call in a touchdown by Buccaneers quarterback Doug Williams to bring the score to 23-22 and the extra point blocked. which helped preserve Minnesota’s victory.

(Yeah, you’ll have to watch it on YouTube, because NFL.)

The Buccaneers would actually be in the NFC Championship game that year before losing to the Los Angeles Rams. The Vikings finished the 1979 season with a 7-9 record and out of the playoffs.

Turns out, according to Classic TV Sports, it was two years before CBS paired Madden and Summerall full-time. Madden spent the first eight games of the 1981 season dividing his time with Summerall and fellow broadcasting legend Vin Scully to see who he had best “mingled” with in the booth. Ultimately, the answer was Summerall, and the rest is history.

It’s not a big anniversary in terms of numbers or anything like that, but it’s still a bit of history that, again, I wasn’t personally aware of before it was brought up. on today’s show.

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