Aaron Donald lit a fire in the LA Rams organization

The final score of the LA Rams’ loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFL playoff division rounds shone like a beacon on the scoreboard:

The Los Angeles Rams 18
Green Bay Packers 32

It was a long game for Aaron Donald, a game that in all likelihood he probably shouldn’t have played. The weather had no pretensions on the football field. But in the end, when it was all over and the Packers had a euphoric adrenaline rush qualifying for the NFC Championship game, all 18 games and every pain, gash, bump and bruise flooded Donald’s mind. . He was in pain. He was tired. Above all, he was disappointed to be refused once again.

Tears streamed, filling his eyes. Warriors like Aaron Donald don’t leave a football field with anything in their gas tank. He was on the fumes, and the energy of his emotions won the day. It was a time when the only answer was emotion. There are no words, no actions to move from this place.

Another season, another disappointment. And yet the scoreboard was still there, proclaiming to the NFL and the world that the LA Rams should go home, regroup and try again. It was Aaron Donald’s seventh season in the NFL. Would its eighth season end differently? His ninth?

Or would the LA Rams fail to deliver on the promises of such a talented team, and ultimately the NFL forces that support the bad teams and finally train the good teams to have the team rebuild from the foundation and try again? ?

A quick throbbing pain reminded Donald that he was not healed.

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