Anitta says she’ll make sure Bengals win Super Bowl

Attention Cincinnati Bengals fans: Brazilian pop star Anitta is on your side. The “Boys Don’t Cry” singer told Jimmy Fallon The show tonight that she will personally ensure the Bengals win this year’s Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams. “I know for a fact. You can bet all your money,” she said. Anitta might not be the worst person to turn to for financial advice — since 2021 she’s been a board member of Nubank, a Brazilian digital bank worth billions. But what makes her so sure a team that hasn’t been to the Super Bowl in over 30 years will emerge victorious on February 13? “One of my men is playing there,” she explained. As someone who travels the world, she “must have options” – and one of them is playing for the Bengals. “I know they’re going to win, because I’m going to make sure he has a good night before. I’m going to make sure,” she swore. Granted, she may have thought her This man was talking about football at first (because, you know, football doesn’t mean the same thing in every country), but she did her research and now she’s in. “I know everything,” Anitta said. “He’s going to have a great night and he’s going to win the next day.” If she’s right, we expect to see Bengals fans cheering in the crowd when she performs on the main stage at Coachella this year.

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