Any Sunday – Stafford and the Rams win the Big One

Vikings Super Bowl Territory Breakdown

The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16 in the Super Bowl last Sunday. That’s the title, but there are so many other subplots to recognize. Matthew Stafford left Detroit and got a ring (while fellow Detroiter Eminem followed him to Los Angeles and knelt in honor of Colin Kaepernick-of course you, mate), Rams owner Stan Kroenke built a winning team through trades and free agency (and hopefully built himself a private bathroom) and the Vikings have their new head coach in Rams offensive coach Kevin O’Connell.

The wealth was spread everywhere but Cincinnati, which came so close to winning the title and capping an incredible franchise turnaround. At least they had a day off on Monday to sulk at home and lick their wounds. The Bengals look like a team on the rise, though, and we should expect that (if they beef up their offensive line to protect star QB Joe Terrier) in the hunt for years to come. Think about it, now at 0-3 in the Super Bowl, the Bengals have a chance to match the Vikings and Buffalo Bills in infamy to go 0-4 in the big game. (Truth be told, the Bengals and Bills have a better chance of doing well than the Vikings in the short term. Get out of the AFC in the coming years and you should be the favorite to win it all in my book.)

But it was a year that anyone could have won this thing, and somehow the Rams up and down did. It took relentless defense and just enough offense (throughout the air) to pull it off — and the Rams exemplified both in the game’s final two series: a 15-game practice consisting mostly of Staffords at the Game MVP Cooper Kupp for the winning score and a sealed bag at the Super Bowl by Aaron Donaldwho made the case for his own MVP of the game in the second half.

Don’t expect the Rams to be back to try and take down the Bengals, Bills or Chiefs in Super Bowl XVII, as this rental team is already showing signs of disassembly. Comments from Donald’s Super Bowl week hinted he was considering hanging up on the phone if they won, and the same was floated by head coach Sean McVay, the youngest Super Bowl-winning coach in the game. ‘story. His staff is being looted — O’Connell in Minnesota and who knows where next defensive coordinator Raheem Morris will be — and it will be hard to keep all that expensive talent under the cap. But who can blame the Rams for trading draft picks to go all-in for this one when in April those draft picks will come at the very end of each round?

More importantly, how much of that powerful offense belongs to the creativity of O’Connell’s new Vikings head coach? Who will he hire on the offensive coaching staff to fulfill his vision of the Vikings’ most talented team on the ball? His defensive team has been tinkering all week, so we can only hope they’re already going through the league and the college draft for players to improve on their side of the ball.

A new era in Minnesota Vikings football begins today, and the work already began yesterday. So, Marc Craig from the Star Tribune and I will meet to discuss it on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast. We also take a look at another purple defeat, like Jared Allen was not elected to the Hall of Fame – and we can ask Craig, an Allen presenter and a voter for the Hall, what happened. We’ll look at other league titles and dive into the new Triple K Ranch diet – Kwesi, Kevin and Kirk. Log in to check it out.

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