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Applying for a loan is child’s play nowadays. You can fill in various application forms online and usually receive a response from the loan provider within half an hour. Borrowing money, or at least applying for a loan, can go very quickly. However, applying for loans haphazardly will not bring you much.

The question is, of course, where you can apply for a loan at an affordable price, where can you get a loan with a low interest rate? And with good conditions? And where do you need to apply for a loan without BKR testing?

Apply for a loan

Apply for a loan

Apply for a loan? Then it is important to make a selection of parties where you want to apply for a loan. If you want to borrow cheaply, you can generally omit the banks such as Litebank, Infrabank and Cream Bank. They charge higher interest rates than the specialized banks and lenders. For example, applying for a loan from Good Lender is much cheaper than applying for a loan from Cream Bank. This difference can amount to 3 to 4% on an annual basis. So first look for specialized lenders. These can be intermediaries or banks with a separate branch for loans.

Is applying for a loan through a credit intermediary more expensive?

This is a misunderstanding that we have seen in recent years. The downfall of large companies such as Across Lender and Spin Lender has of course done no good for this. Times have changed, however. Borrowing cheap money is now more often through an intermediary than with the banks. It is therefore their most important source of income for intermediaries. They benefit from keeping you as a customer for as long as possible, and of course they only do this if they make you the best offer. Otherwise, simply switch to another provider.

Apply for a loan without BKR testing

Applying for a loan without BKR assessment is only possible if you are going to borrow money from friends or take out a loan in the form of a mini loan. A mini loan is a small loan of up to $ 1,500 that you have to repay in full within 62 days. It is a more expensive form of borrowing money because, in addition to interest, closing costs can also be charged. Because of these additional costs, a mini loan can become an expensive loan. The big advantage is of course that it is the only commercial form of borrowing money without BKR testing.

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