Arizona Cardinals aren’t Super Bowl contenders, says Keyshawn Johnson

ESPN NFL analyst and radio host Keyshawn Johnson has long had doubts about the Arizona Cardinals.

They obviously won’t go, even with the team’s best 10-2 record in the NFL.

The former NFL wide receiver recently questioned Arizona’s ability to make the network playoffs, citing what he called a lack of experience.

“They are built to make a strong run in the playoffs playoffs, the problem is young,” said Johnson. “What experience do they have on the list and this coaching staff to understand what constitutes the playoffs? These two guys know what I mean when you speak of the playoffs, the level increases. It rises. When you think about teams like the Philadelphia Eagles under Andy Reid, it took them a minute they go to the playoffs, they lose. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under the direction of coach Dungy, we go to the playoffs we lose. Sean McVay most recently with the Rams, they will postseason playoffs, they lose. You have to take a few pieces before they can move to where they are trying to reach. “

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The Cardinals can clinch a playoff berth this week and currently hold the No.1 seed in the NFC playoffs, which would give the team a pass in the first round of the playoffs.

Johnson isn’t buying Arizona as a Super Bowl contender, however.

“Young teams just don’t go to the Super Bowl,” he said. “They don’t hand out Super Bowl trophies like the M&M, no matter what. They’re a really good football team, there’s no doubt about it, but they haven’t made the playoffs yet.”

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ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson doesn't like the odds of

Does Johnson’s reasoning make sense?

Yes, the team did not make the playoffs, but several veterans did.

Chandler Jones, Max Garcia, Zach Ertz, Robert Alford, and Jordan Hicks have all played in a Super Bowl, and the squad has plenty of other players with playoff experience, including JJ Watt, DeAndre Hopkins, AJ Green and others.

Johnson’s “young team” argument doesn’t make much sense as the Cardinals actually have one of the oldest lineups in the league.

In fact, they had the oldest roster in the league according to pre-season research by, with an average age of 27.31 for each player.

Cardinals fans were quick to disagree with Johnson’s stance, slamming his latest take on their squad.

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This isn’t the first time some Cardinals fans have disagreed with Johnson’s thoughts on their NFL squad.

Earlier this season, he ranked Arizona 5th in the NFL despite their best 6-0 NFL record.

He also said he would take Derek Carr over Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson.

Last season, Johnson ranked Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff ahead of Cardinals quarterback Murray.

Are you okay with taking it this time?

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