Auburn cornerback Nehemiah Pritchett leads nation in key stat

Auburn football has developed a reputation for having talented defensive backs.

From Carlton Davis and Jamel Dean to Noah Igbinoghene and Roger McCreary, Auburn has had a solid number one roster for the better part of a decade.

The next standout defensive back on this list could be Nehemiah Pritchett. With McCreary leaving for the NFL Draft, the job is open for several talented corners to take the reins.

Pritchett is perhaps the favorite to land the job over veteran cornerback Jaylin Simpson and transfer DJ James from Oregon.

By PFFPritchett leads all players in most press coverage snaps played since 2020 without allowing a touchdown.

It’s incredible.

Out of 269 snaps in press coverage, Pritchett hasn’t allowed a defender to find the end zone since 2020.

Interestingly enough, Pritchett didn’t do well in PFF coverage last season. His overall defensive rating was 55.4. His degree of coverage was 52.8.

Auburn pressed less on defense under the Derek Mason defense than was seen during the Kevin Steele era of Auburn football.

With Jeff Schmedding taking over as defensive coordinator, there could be media coverage off the pitch, but many expect the pattern to be similar to what we saw a year ago.

Regardless of what the defense looks like in 2022, Auburn should come into the season with the cornerback position as a strong position.

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