Burrow faces familiar PBS cue in Vikings defense

“There are a lot of things coming back from 2012, it’s a tough 17-13 fight. So we haven’t scored a lot of points. It’s a tough defense. They’re going to be smart. They’re going to be fine. They’re going to do their research on us.

Bengals fans can’t be surprised the Vikings picked a former Pro Bowl cornerback drafted into the top five at Peterson. Zimmer did it with Terence Newman in Cincinnati, where he also had successful high school recovery projects such as cornerback Adam Jones and free safety Reggie Nelson.

With the addition of the safety of free agent Xavier Woods, that gives the Vikings a total of 419 NFL high school starts to go with Peterson and Smith’s eight Pro Bowls combined. It’s a mix of experience and intelligence at the back that the Bengals recognize.

“We haven’t seen these guys play together as a unit, but you’ve seen them the last few years and obviously they still play for a reason,” Burrow said ahead of Wednesday’s practice. “So they’re really smart football players. They’ve seen a lot of concepts, played a lot of football. You’re not going to cheat on them. You’re just going to have to go out and run your basic plays and try to win the game.”

And according to Burrow, he had more to say about what happened in this one than those of last year.

“I’m expressing my opinion more likely, yes. I would say that’s fair to say,” Burrow said. “Just seeing more football, understanding what we want against certain looks. Understanding what I would like against certain looks and understanding our guys.”

Burrow says he has “an expanded playbook,” on the line of scrimmage with another year in the system and Taylor says it’s a natural progression.

“It’s not that different from last year. Joe earned that right straight away,” Taylor said. “We don’t always try to get the best play we can, it’s hard to do on a 40 second game clock and do it every play, but if your quarterback is confident in something, come on. -y. And make sure all 11 guys are on the same page and it’s going to work more often than not.

“And that’s not necessarily always what coaches trust because we could see something on tape, we think it’s great, someone else directed it, we think it’s okay to be good, but the quarterback is the one who really brings it to life in so many ways. He has earned the respect of this coaching staff and this team for having full control over the line of scrimmage and getting there. to what he needs to achieve. “

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