Chiefs News: Jimmie Ward thinks Sammy Watkins is the reason the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV

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Jimmie Ward thinks Sammy Watkins is a No.1 WR and credits him with Chiefs’ victory at SB | Baltimore Beatdown (site of Baltimore Ravens SB Nation)

In an interview he did with Sports Illustrated’s Grant Cohn, Ward gave Watkins lofty and totally unsolicited praise.

“We’re not talking about Watkins because he’s been injured, but I love Sammy,” Ward said. “I feel like he’s a No. 1 receiver. I feel like he’s the reason (the chefs) won a super bowl.

Ward admitted that Kansas City’s top two targets, wide receiver Tyreek Hill and tight Travis Kelce, outperform the rest of the wide receivers on the roster. However, he does think Watkins is a full-fledged stallion with a good mix of athletic intangibles and the selfless mindset of a champion.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes stars in new Head & Shoulders commercial | Kansas City Star

Another edition of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ recurring Head & Shoulders commercials with former Steelers defensive star Troy Polamalu has been released.

A year ago, the two shot a “Take it up to 100” spot at the Genesis Health KC Racquet Club in Merriam.

In 2019, Mahomes and Polamalu were in an ad titled “Offense vs. Defense ”for the shampoo company.

Mahomes shared the new commercial titled “Never Stop Working” on Wednesday. As you can see, Mahomes is often surprised to see Polamalu appear in different places.

The best wide receivers in the NFL heading into the 2021 season? Analysts reveal gold, silver and bronze picks |


Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs WR

Total number of points: 26 (1st: 1; 2nd: 10; 3rd: 3)

Nate Burleson: Stefon Diggs made his way to the top of my personal WR mountain (see: Individual ballots below) after a hugely successful first season with Josh Allen in Buffalo. Davante Adams holds my second place, thanks to his loyal hands and dominance in the red zone. This brings me to Tyreek Hill, whose god-given talent scares opponents like Hall of Fame Randy Moss and Deion Sanders did. “Cheetah” is an exceptional road runner with great hands, and he can win against double or triple cover. When he wins even half a step, the defense is burnt out.

Golden Tate could be a useful addition to the KC Chiefs offense | Addicted to the arrowhead

Golden Tate could be a useful addition to the KC Chiefs offense | ArrowheadWould the Golden Tate be a good addition for the KC Chiefs?

The Chiefs have a hole in second place wide receiver, but after seeing how Sammy Watkins has done with the Chiefs, Golden Tate might even have a bigger impact. Tate is known for his run after catch ability, just as Watkins offered with the Chiefs. However, Tate complained about the opportunities while in the Giants, which ultimately led to him getting cut.

Tate has the ability to be a solid wide receiver two as another reliable option for Patrick Mahomes who might even distract from Hill and Kelce defensively. Previously with the Lions, Tate had 372 receptions for 4,224 yards and 19 touchdowns in 64 games, a period in which he averaged 11.3 yards per reception. Being able to add a guy who can put up respectable yards and receptions as a wide receiver two could be a great way to fill the void that Watkins left.

10 NFL veterans who have more to prove to enter the Hall of Fame | Launderer report

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the only player featured here with less than five professional seasons under his belt. With all due respect to young stars like Alvin Kamara, TJ Watt and Myles Garrett, four seasons are not enough to secure entry into the Hall of Fame.

Mahomes has only been a full-time starter for three seasons, but what he’s accomplished during that time is remarkable. He’s been in the AFC title game three times, played two Super Bowls, won a Lombardi Trophy and was both regular season and Super Bowl MVP.

During his three years as a starter, Mahomes also made the Pro Bowl every year and was an All-Pro first team in 2018. He already has 14,152 passing yards and 114 passing touchdowns – with just 24. interceptions – on his CV too. .

Mahomes wouldn’t necessarily be a Hall of Famer if he retired tomorrow, however. He’s got the individual accolades and team playoff success to get in, but he doesn’t have the longevity or the numbers just yet.

As a starter, Mahomes averages 4,263 yards and 38 touchdowns per season. If he played another six years at this pace, he would total 39,730 passing yards and 342 passing touchdowns. That would put him in the top 30 on the all-time assists list and in the top 12 for touchdowns.

Those numbers, along with a Super Bowl win and an NFL MVP would likely make Mahomes a foolproof Hall of Famer at 31. His career is also expected to continue long after that.

At this point, for Mahomes, it’s all about staying healthy and continuing to add to his statistical CV.

Around the NFL

Niners signs All-Pro LB Fred Warner to record five-year extension |

Fred Warner has agreed to a five-year extension with the San Francisco 49ers, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported. The extension is worth more than $ 95 million, with $ 40.5 million in guarantees, by Garafolo, making Warner the highest-paid inside linebacker in the league.

The 49ers have since confirmed Warner’s contract extension.

The expansion was to be expected, especially after Warner created their first Pro Bowl and All-Pro team in 2020. Niners coach Kyle Shanahan said in May that an expansion was simply “a matter of time.” , and more importantly, said that Warner is “a guy that I plan to be here forever and who deserved this.

Madden NFL 22 releases schedule for top position ratings reveal | Launderer report

Friday (July 30)

Top 10 quarterbacks with Alex Smith on First take

Additional Notes on Sports center and NFL Live

“Madden odds have become a milestone in football culture every year and are among the most anticipated, discussed and debated topics in the sports landscape,” said Julie Foster, vice president of marketing for EA Sports. “We’re thrilled once again to reveal Madden NFL 22 player ratings with ESPN after teaming up last year and can’t wait to see what fans have to say.”

Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones Says He “Would Do Anything” To Make Super Bowl LVI | ESPN

Still, getting to Super Bowl LVI is at the top of Jones’ mind.

“I would do anything the man knows to make it to a Super Bowl,” Jones said. “It’s a fact.”

Jones became emotional at several points in a nearly hour-long press conference, starting with when asked how he planned to bring the Cowboys back to a time when they had won three Super Bowls in four years in the 1990s.

“I always had to be pragmatic at the end of the day because otherwise you’ll end up looking from the outside. You have to be real,” Jones said. “But on the other hand, I never thought we couldn’t be better or never thought we couldn’t get there, even when we weren’t on paper or weren’t as good. or technically sound. But I never thought about it, and I have too many examples of how understaffed people have already kicked them out of the park. Many of them. In a lot of different areas.

“I really don’t know if I have days or weeks when I don’t think, ‘There’s a pony here somewhere. You have a lot of days where you wonder, “What are you doing in the middle of this?” It has served me well. It’s not an “I, me”, but I’ve had a lot of people say to me, “You are naive” or “He’s naive”. Well, it’s a beautiful world. … It’s a better world to be naive than to be skeptical and negative all the time.

In case you missed it at Arrowhead Pride

Reconstruction of Chiefs’ offensive line signals next phase of Patrick Mahomes era

Strategy changes after contract

Once a team signs a franchise quarterback for a long-term contract, their production in the field is no longer the only indicator of success for the front office. He needs to make sure he is healthy and happy for the long haul. It’s not really a breaking news, but front offices still struggle to take advantage of the flexibility offered by the skills of an elite quarterback without exploiting it.

Since quarterbacks like Mahomes can produce and win despite their team’s potential shortcomings, GMs have free rein to pursue dazzling additions to the roster to fill in the holes they think the quarterback can overcome with his. high level of play anyway. However, if the front office makes roster changes that make the quarterback’s job unnecessarily difficult, he’s more susceptible to frustration and perhaps even injury.

Two prominent quarterbacks have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with their respective franchises during the offseason, citing staff rulings among their main grievances. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks mended their relationship – at least they claim it in the media – but the stalemate between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers keep on going.

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