Colts wide receiver statistic against NFL contestants will leave you in awe

Many may be shocked to see how the Indianapolis Colts offense stacks up against the best in the league.

The Indianapolis Colts are 6-6, and have had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the season. Lately, things have for the most part increased. The Colts have won five of their last seven games and that is due in large part to the fact that they have become one of the best offensives in the NFL.

Yes, Indianapolis has one of the best attacks in the NFL. This may come as a surprise to some, as the Colts’ name isn’t usually mentioned with the best attacks in the league, but they have to be.

The reason they are often overlooked is their lack of stellar power. Aside from Jonathan Taylor, there is no technical level player making national headlines. The wide receiving unit is seen as poor and many are still in dispute over how to view Carson Wentz, but that hasn’t stopped the Colts from scoring points.

To put it in perspective, take a look at how Indianapolis stacks up against league-loaded offenses that should always be at the top of the list.

Colts score more than some of the NFL’s busiest lineups

Indianapolis is the fourth best offense with an average of 28.3 points per game. It’s only slightly behind Dallas and Buffalo and ahead of explosive offenses like Arizona, Kansas City and the Rams.

If a preseason poll had been taken to decide which teams would be in the first five offenses, few would have chosen the Colts. They exceeded their expectations and showed that they can run with the best.

Of course, Jonathan Taylor is a huge reason why just like the defense that forced the most turnovers in the NFL, but Frank Reich, Wentz, receivers and tight ends also deserve some credit.

Wentz has thrown over 250 yards four times this season, and Michael Pittman Jr. is having a stellar year, already registering 61 receptions, 805 yards and five touchdowns.

This offense might not have the most showy names or the largest collection of professional bowlers, but they get the job done. They were efficient and various players were prepared when their number was called. They’ll need to continue to excel as the Colts try to advance to the playoffs.

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