Dawg Stats thinks of 5 stars

The Georgia Bulldogs set a modern NFL Draft record with 15 players selected in the 2022 NFL Draft. Graham noted that all players who finished their college careers in Smart’s signing class in 2018 were drafted .

17 5-star recruits were drafted this year and all came from the 2018 and 2019 signing classes. 8 in the first round and 2 more in the second. Interestingly, Zamir White was the only 5-star running back selected in this year’s draft.

So who is left of those classes that have been rated 5 stars because that indicates “player development” which is another myth busted by Kirby Smart and his team who continue to score on the moving goal posts on social networks ? There are 37 5-star players from the 2018 and 2019 classes who went undrafted.

4 of them and Adam Anderson are no longer part of the College teams. 10 of the 5 stars were transferred from the school that signed them.

  • Justin Shorter signed with Penn State transferred to Florida
  • Bru McCoy signed with Texas transferred to USC
  • Gaoteote IV Palace signed with USC transferred to Ohio State
  • JT Daniels signed with USC transferred to Georgia/WVU
  • Wanya Morris signed with Tennessee transferred to Oklahoma
  • Brenton Cox signed with Georgia transferred to Florida
  • Lorenzo Lingard signed with Miami transferred to Florida
  • Marcel Brooks signed with LSU transferred to TCU
  • Clay Webb Signed with Georgia transferred to ?

Nolan Smith is the only 5-star from the 2018/2019 class still on the roster and is likely to be drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft along with more of Smart’s 5-star from the 2020 class. He’s not hard to imagine that none of these players will be drafted once they enter the NFL Draft. The successes keep pouring in for the development of Kirby.

A program doesn’t set NFL records by simply developing elite rookies. Georgia’s 2022 NFL Draft class led all schools in 3- and 4-star drafts with 9 players.

Just an amazing weekend for these DGDs. I guess the narrative to explode next for Kirby Smart is “yeah, but can he reload?”

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