Did Tom Brady lose a Super Bowl to teach his kids a lesson?

VScurrent Tampa Bay Buccaneers strategist Tom Brady is one of the most successful NFL players in history and his seven superbowl the rings prove it, but he also experienced failures that hurt him, but also his whole family, especially his children.

Tom Brady’s Third Super Bowl Loss

Brady back in Bucs practice after mysterious absence raised questions

When the New England Patriots lost the third Super Bowl of his career on February 4, 2018 against the Philadelphia Eagles at US Bank Stadium, those who suffered the most were the quarterback’s children, because they wanted to see their father again with the Vince Lombardi in his hands.

But it was not possible, the Eagles won 41-33 in Super Bowl LII and thwarted Brady’s attempt to add another title to his impressive career. And while waiting to see Brady to console him, his wife Gisele Bundchen was there to reassure their children, as well as to teach them a life lesson.

The win was Philadelphia’s only victory in a Super Bowl game, so that time they made history and got to celebrate. Brady already had five rings in her possession and the model took advantage of this situation to talk to her little ones. She told them that Brady had already won a lot and the Eagles had never done so, and that sharing was caring, which her husband was doing.

Gisele Bündchen’s lesson

Bucs are happy to have Brady back in practice after his absence

“They haven’t won in a million years. Just this once. Dad won five times. They’ve never won before. In all their life, they’ve never won a Super Bowl. Sometimes he have to let someone else win. We have to share. Sharing is caring,” Gisèle told her. young lady. Then they were able to meet the player and console each other.

After this painful loss for Brady and his children, the legendary player had the opportunity to play twice more the most anticipated game of the year for all NFL fans, which he won, the last with the Buccaneers.

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