Doctor Strange 2’s Super Bowl Trailer Revealed A Vital Plot Detail We Almost Missed

Marvel gave us all a great reason to tune into the Super Bowl a few weeks ago by releasing a brand new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer. We have already covered it in detail, like the second Doctor Strange 2 the trailer offers two important confirmations. But Marvel released two Multiverse of Madness videos during the Super Bowl, and one of them has a mind-blowing detail that we almost missed.

It’s a plot detail that could explain a little Spider-Man: No Coming Home plot hole. But before you can watch it, we’ll warn you that some spoilers will follow below.

the No coming home plot hole

No coming home has several plot issues that Sony and Marvel need to address through future MCU creations. Some of them are easy to explain, while others are more problematic.

the No coming home plot hole that is relevant to Multiverse of Madness is about a particular costume element that we saw in the movie. Despite the events of Infinity War and End of Gamewhere Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) was seen giving the Time Stone to Thanos (Josh Brolin), the wizard still wears the Eye of Agamoto around his neck.

The magic jewel is used to house the time stone. But the MCU doesn’t have Infinity Stones for superheroes like Strange to use. They were turned into atoms by a Thanos who feared someone would abuse them.

So why does Strange always wear the Eye of Agamoto around his neck in No coming home? The artifact is still useful in the Mirror Dimension, where Strange fights Peter Parker (Tom Holland). It’s the kind of detail that’s easy to miss in the film.

But the Doctor Strange 2 The Super Bowl trailer kicks in to once again show the Eye in action.

We said that Marvel released two different clips for Multiverse of Madness during the game. It aired a fleshed-out version of the second trailer during the Super Bowl, while the full version Doctor Strange 2 the trailer was released online. But the two clips are not identical.

Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in the No Way Home fight scene Image source: Sony

the Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer reveal

It’s probably obvious where I’m coming from now. The court Doctor Strange 2 The Super Bowl TV commercial gives us a great Eye of Agamoto detail that we nearly missed. And, in the process, it explains why Strange still needs the amulet, despite no longer having the Time Stone.

Marvel has never shared a good quality version of the Super Bowl trailer online. And we focused on other details in the builds we saw. Like the fact that Defender Strange appears to die at the start of the film. Or that Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) works for the Illuminati. Or that the group of mysterious superheroes captured America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) and Doctor Strange.

But the YouTube channel New Rockstars found a good quality version of the Super Bowl TV spot. And they spotted something hidden in plain sight that a lot of people might have overlooked. I certainly did.

Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamoto even though it does not contain an Infinity Stone. It’s a mind-blowing detail. This means that the mythical object that Strange controls has additional powers that we will see explored in Multiverse of Madness.

The fact that Strange uses the Eye of Agamoto in previous MCU adventures might be why you won’t realize he’s doing it again. You are used to seeing his hands gesture in a certain way to unlock the eye and reveal the time stone. Doctor Strange moves his hands in the opposite direction to unlock the Eye of Agamoto again in the Super Bowl trailer.

Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer
Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) using the Eye of Agamoto Image source: Marvel Studios

The mysterious new spell

Inside is something else, something that opens a physical doorway to another part of the multiverse. The scene also includes America Chavez and variant Christine Palmer. This is all the more reason to ignore the gesture, as your mind races to figure out what’s going on.

Thanks to another Multiverse of Madness leak that delivers great plot detail, we know the Super Bowl trailer scene could happen after Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) attacks the Illuminati. Strange, America and Christine seek to escape Wanda.

They will have to open this door. This may be the only way for them to access a mirror dimension of a different reality. This is where they will find the Book of the Vishanti, according to this plot leak. By the way, this plot leak fits well with a massive plot leak that Doctor Strange 2 trailer 2 seems to confirm.

Doctor Strange using Agamoto’s eye in the Super Bowl trailer could indicate that he is indeed about to enter the Mirror Dimension. And that might be enough to confirm the recent plot leak. We will have to wait until May 6 to see if this is the case.

You can watch the full Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl TV spot below, with a closer look at the Eye of Agamoto spell.

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