Former Atlanta Falcons star receiver has a shot at Super Bowl redemption

Julio Jones will always be a fan favorite among the Atlanta Falcons faithful despite the end of his career with the Falcons. An infamous phone call on the set of FS1’s Undisputed dispelled any misconceptions about Julio’s future.

The receiver was tired of losing and frustrated with Atlanta and demanded his release. Despite the ending, Jones had given the best years of his career to the Falcons and will go down as one of the best players to ever wear an Atlanta uniform.

He is undoubtedly a first-round Hall of Famer who performed with great class and a team-first attitude that many receivers of his era lack.

Now, as a member of the Tenessee Titans, Julio Jones has a chance to get the one thing he couldn’t with the Atlanta Falcons, a ring.

Lost in the 28-3 memes and constant jokes surrounding the Falcons’ collapse against the Patriots, that’s what Jones did in the playoffs. Julio gave Atlanta everything they could have hoped for in their playoff run, after years of often being the Falcons’ only source of offense, Jones finally had some help around him.

The Super Bowl wasn’t Julio’s best game, however, he made the play that should have won the game for Atlanta. Lost among Brady’s greatness and the Falcon’s choice not to run the ball is the catch Julio made with the game on the line.

Framed by defenders, Jones went up and grabbed a pass from Matt Ryan that few players in this league would have been able to catch. Jones made the catch and put Atlanta in the field with a 28-20 lead.

Everyone knows what followed and it will haunt Falcons fans for the rest of time. However, it’s important to remember that it was Jones and Ryan who made the play that should have won the Super Bowl.

Jones made an impossible catch to see her go down thanks to Atlanta’s terrible decision making.

Now, as a member of the Titans and sitting as the sole seed, Jones has a chance to redeem himself and find the one thing missing from his resume. Jones posted stunning numbers for a decade and proved he was a playoff performer.

The only thing missing from the catcher’s resume is a Super Bowl win. The one who would help erase the memory of what could have been with Atlanta.

Now, as the third option on the Titans, Jones is going to have a chance to step up and help provide a team that’s unlikely to be favored if they manage to get past the Bengals in Game 1.

The Atlanta Falcon’s season is over, leaving their fans searching for a team to recruit as we head into February. They should look no further than the Tenessee Titans and Julio Jones. With our Falcons unlikely to return to the top of the mountain anytime soon, seeing Julio finally win it all would be a nice consolation prize for a player who gave the Falcons franchise everything he had.

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