Former Steelers RB Bell should be finished in the NFL

Free running back Le’Veon Bell should never get the chance to sign with another team. Here’s why the former Steelers star should be finished in the NFL.

Le’Veon Bell is making waves – and it’s not the first time. After doing next to nothing with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, the former All-Pro running back took to Twitter to explain that he “will never play for Andy Reid again.” Bell is a complete afterthought at this point in his NFL career, but it’s amazing that he has the audacity to come out and say some of the things he said.

In 2018 with the Steelers, Bell left his teammates on hold – not informing them of his decision to hold on until the season had already started. Over the years, his self-centered and authoritative demeanor left reception desks frustrated to the point that they couldn’t stand his antics anymore.

Now entering his 9th season in the NFL, Bell is convinced he can sign with a team “on time,” but is anyone even going to want it. There are more than enough reasons to make a difficult pass on the stranded ball carrier.

No team should be in the market for former Steelers star RB

At this point in his career, anything you thought of Le’Veon Bell in his day has to be tossed out the window. Although I would say the former All-Pro first team double running back has always been a bit overrated due to his plan and offensive line which allowed him to be so patient as a runner in Pittsburgh. , no team should even think twice. to sign it at this stage.

During his 2017 season with the Steelers, Bell’s effectiveness fell off a cliff. He went from an average of 4.9 yards per carry in 2016 to just 4.0 the following season, according to Pro Football Reference. Worst of all, the transition was made on his legs which already lacked a second gear. He ended 2017 by gaining just 3 yards over 20 yards on a whopping 321 carries – the worst explosive game rate in the NFL.

I was ridiculed at the time for saying the Steelers dodged a bullet when Le’Veon Bell didn’t sign the contract they offered and he wasn’t going to be good on his second contract . While some fans would attribute its low output to being on the New York Jets, it was clear that there was hardly any tread left on the tires.

Now in his 9th season in the NFL with 1,950 career contacts, there should be no team in the league willing to bet on the stranded running back – especially since there are character issues that exist. ‘an organization would be forced to manage.

Surprisingly, Le’Veon Bell hasn’t averaged more than 4.0 yards per carry since 2016 with the Steelers, and he’s only scored 5 rushing points since 2017. Yet with all of his lower production, Bell obviously feels like he’s entitled to a first gig of sorts.

With the gas tank empty for Le’Veon Bell and the headaches he has caused his teammates and coaches, there is no good reason to consider bringing in the former porter All-Pro balloon. His career should be over.

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