Former Vikings QB’s daughter takes part in ABC’s Claim to Fame show

ABC’s competition show Claim to Fame has a contestant with deep ties to a former Minnesota Vikings quarterback.

There have been many memorable players who have made their way into the Minnesota Vikings locker room. Some of them are individuals that fans will never forget while others fade into obscurity.

A player who left a huge mark on the NFL was Brett Favre. The NFL gunslinger was a fan favorite who was best known for winning a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers, but also had a magical season with Minnesota in 2009.

His legacy lives on, and he’s actually a major part of an ABC competition show called Claim to fame where celebrity relatives try to hide their famous relationships while other connected people try to guess their celebrity connections.

How do we know that Brett Favre is a link on Claim to fame?

In the second episode of the series, a 33-year-old man woman named Brittany was revealed to be the daughter of Brett Favre, as evidenced by a block of cheese on the clue wall, grass in the blind object guessing game, and an obvious super clue that went to the winner of the weekly contest.

ABC aired a video package of Brittany with her father Brett that featured candid photos of the two of them, confirming to viewers that the suspicions that Brett was Brittany’s celebrity connection are correct.

Luckily, Brittany survived the eviction this week, but with her identity floating around among the other contestants, it might only be a matter of time before someone correctly guesses her famous relative is Brett Favre.

You can catch up Claim to fame hosted by two of the Jonas Brothers on Hulu with new episodes airing Mondays on ABC.

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