Frito-Lay leads the way to the Super Bowl with a bus full of snacks

For many people, the last annual game of the NFL season isn’t just about the team that lifts the Lombardi Trophy. The food of football might not make a difference in the final score, but it does make the viewing event more memorable. As seen in the new Frito-Lay route to the Super Bowl spot, food brings fans and rivals together. Ready to get on that bus to Snacktown?

Frito-Lay is always at the center of every Super Bowl celebration. Across its various brands, the fridge is stocked with drinks and the snack bowl is full of tasty treats.

From the home cook who just wants to keep it simple, to the aspiring chef who gazes at a snack bag with endless culinary curiosity, the reality is that food and sport are forever linked.

In Frito-Lay’s latest Super Bowl commercial, some of the favorite former players of the NFL Super Bowl champions get on the bus. Fortunately, everyone remembered to bring their favorite food and drink.

Of course, the NFL Big Name Collection is a trademark of many Super Bowl commercials. This Road Trip is no different. Still, wouldn’t you like to see some of the clips from this filming session. There must be witty jokes left on the cutting room floor.

At the heart of business there are two things. First, the idea is to make people smile. While seeing Terry Bradshaw strapped to the top of a bus might be ridiculous, it does make you laugh. And, for all of those who haven’t made Terry’s money this season, maybe they’re secretly enjoying this moment.

Plus, many people can appreciate how snacks and a road trip go together. While most people don’t take a big yellow bus on their next family vacation, the mix of childhood memories, the current trend of road trips, and the need for lots of snacks (and stops) in road courses are relevant. It gets people talking.

Who hasn’t debated with other travelers on the road about the best snack or drink? More importantly, didn’t have to tell anyone not to keep their Cheetle-covered fingers out of the seat. There are towels for this situation.

Like any good Super Bowl commercial, the situation has to be relatable. Everyone wants to laugh, have fun and smile. While the final match score may not reflect a victory for your team, it’s the time spent together making memories that matters.

What Frito-Lay snacks will you serve at your Super Bowl night? What snacks would you bring on the bus to snacktown?

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