Green Bay Packers 2022 NFL Draft Ultimate Preview: Outside Linebackers

Measurable: 6-3 3/4, 266. 32 5/8 arm, 4.77 40, 4.34 shuttle, 21 bench

Analytical statistics: Karlaftis has had two great seasons. He was an All-American freshman in 2019 with 7.5 sacks and 17 TFLs. In 2021, he was a second-team All-American with five sacks, 11.5 TFLs and three forced fumbles. In PFF pass rushing productivity, Karlaftis ranked 13th out of 112. According to SIS, he ranked seventh out of 32 in ATD-plus and second in rebound rate. He took two penalties for detention. He’s missed a total of six tackles over the past two years.

Personal touch: Karlaftis was born in Athens, where he played virtually every sport under the sun. Football, however?

“[Football] was seen as very dangerous, barbaric,” he told ESPN. “A bit of scare tactics for us not to play. When his father died at age 44, the family moved from Greece to West Lafayette, Ind. To help with the chain of events that changed his life, he joined his classmates on the football field. C is life,” Karlaftis said. “It’s been a lot, everything that’s happened, from when I was 12, 13 until now, definitely massive changes in my life and the lives of a lot of other people. I’ve had to grow almost overnight and become a man.”

Before he was a football star, he was a budding water polo star. “I played water polo for a long time – five, six years,” he told the Combine. “Growing up, that’s what I did. That’s what I was committed to. The U16 national team in Greece when I was 13, something I’m really, really proud of, and I was pretty darn good too. I was goalkeeper. So my training was a bit different from the others. I was 10, 11, 12, I had to hold a chair with my shoulders out of the water, my chest out of the water for 10 minutes straight. This is also what I attribute to my strong legs.

His younger brother, Yanni, plays for Purdue. In Greece, he was a judo champion. “Growing up, we would always find ways to fight,” Yanni told The Purdue Exponent. “Our father was like, ‘I have to separate you, or one of you is going to kill the other. “”

NFL Bible Scouting Draft Report: Karlaftis has won consistently since reaching the collegiate level, thanks in part to his active and precise hands. He initiates contact with NFL length, flashing dominance as he gains leverage. In addition, he often chains the movements together. In general, Purdue’s standout is a very dangerous power rusher. Karlaftis correctly identifies and attacks the soft inside shoulder of an attacking tackle. He has heavy hands to put linemen on their heels and excellent power speed to flatten the setter during the engagement.

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