HC Commanders Ron Rivera give ‘mea culpa’ for Carson Wentz comments

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera has apologized for causing a stir with Monday’s comments about quarterback Carson Wentz.

Rivera said on The Don Geronimo Show Tuesday morning that he spoke to the team and spoke to Wentz about his comments the day before.

“I didn’t have to. I was lucky that our media relations manager contacted him and let him know,” Rivera said, via Nicki Jhabvala of The Washington Post. “And I actually spoke to Carson this morning. I actually spoke to the whole team. I had a mea culpa moment and that I should know better. I created a bit of a distraction and that’s one thing that I try not to do and that’s one thing that I’m very aware of and again it’s one of those things that when you misstep people look forward to diving on it and jumping on it and clinging to it without having a chance to explain. So, hey, that’s on me. I should know better.

On Monday, Rivera was asked why the other NFC East teams (all 4-1 or better) are leading the division at this point, and he replied, “Quarterback.”

The coach added that he has no regrets over the Wentz trade despite the team’s struggles which put them at 1-4.

“No, I have no regrets about this quarterback,” he said Monday. “I think our quarterback did some good things. There were a few games where he struggled, but you look at his numbers from yesterday and you’d say, okay, look, his numbers that he had throughout the year, he was very solid at times. And then we had the unfortunate Philadelphia game, and he struggled a bit in the Dallas game. But the way he played yesterday, and it just shows you what he’s capable of and we picked him because we believe in him. We picked him because we looked at what we thought were things that pointed to him.”

On Tuesday, Rivera clarified that his comments about other NFC East teams have to do with the QB’s familiarity with their systems while Wentz is in his first year with COs.

“All I’m saying is when you have a quarterback that’s been around and in your building for a while, the players know the guy,” Rivera said. by mail. “They’re developing that cohesion and that bond. We have a quarterback, he’s here for his first season, and as he continues to work and grow with our guys and assimilate into what we do, I think we will be gradually better. I thought he played really well last week. He had some really good moments. He had a few that I know he would have liked to see again, but the guy has played, for the most part, a pretty stubborn good game of football.

Wentz wasn’t the reason Washington lost to Tennessee on Sunday. The QB went 25 of 38 passes for 359 yards with two touchdowns and an INT, including a 75-yard TD to Dyami Brown who went for 46.2 air yards (most air yards completed for Washington since Week 14, 2016 , by Next generation statistics).

Wentz was sacked 20 times in five games (third in the NFL) and threw six interceptions (third), while throwing for 1,390 yards (fifth) and 10 touchdowns (tied for fifth).

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