How plausible are the business ideas of the Bleacher Report Vikings?

June 11, 2019; Eagan, Minnesota, United States; Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman after training at the TCO Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Commercial gossip, quite often, is an interesting read. More than Launderer report, there was a recent article who presented a handful of business ideas (feel free to jump on Vermont to see what Dustin thinks about these possibilities). Two of the five relate to our Minnesota Vikings.

Now, I’ll say right off the bat that I don’t think either will happen in the end. However, what do I know? If I really knew about NFL rosters, business values, and the salary cap, I would work for a team rather than just write about them. Take my point of view with a grain of salt as you form your own opinion.

That said, business ideas. First, they suggest SF take a step for Cameron Dantzler:

San Francisco 49ers receive: CB Cameron Dantzler

Minnesota Vikings receive: 2022 fourth-round pick

The Vikings shouldn’t be in a rush to leave their second corner. Did he go through a rough patch? Without question. I would be really surprised, however, if that means Minnesota will be ready to move on. Not too long ago, I suggested to purple fans to avoid being too disappointed with Dantzler’s struggles: “Playing a corner in the NFL is not easy. Local mistakes are extremely easy to see, even to the untrained eye. Dantzler has been through a rough patch, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming time for his career. He is still only 23 years old. He is fortunate to learn a lot from Peterson and Breeland. If he can overcome this adversity, he will become a much better player as a result. The corners must be hard mentally; it’s hard to go back there and cover the WR that just roasted you for a long TD. Building resilience will serve him well in the future.

Unless SF (or some other team) offers a huge amount, I would expect Minnesota to keep Dantzler.

Second, BR suggests Minnesota take a step for Dallas Goedert, a TE with the Philadelphia Eagles:

Minnesota Vikings Receive: TE Dallas Goedert

Philadelphia Eagles receive: 2022 third-round pick

This one seems more plausible, at least to my little footballing mind. The team really love Tyler Conklin, but we could definitely use TE’s help.

Minnesota is clearly going for that in 2021 given they have made several notable moves in free agency. When Irv Smith fell, they made a deal to have Chris Herndon give another weapon to offense. The addition of Goedert would certainly make the offense more difficult to contain.

My hesitation concerns the price.

Would Spielman really go down from one of his coveted draft picks after already moving one for Herndon? We may get our answer in the next few weeks. If Herndon can help, the Vikings will look elsewhere for improvements. If Herndon is struggling, however, maybe the team takes a step.

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