“I don’t know how much clearer I can be”

Rumors related to “Deshaun Watson” seem to linger in Miami, even with the start of the regular season in just over a week, but they will not sway Brian Flores.

The Dolphins coach was asked about such rumors on Wednesday and stood firm in his response: “Tua Tagovailoa” is their guy.

“Yes,” Flores said when asked if Tagovailoa is Miami week 1 starter. “I don’t know how much clearer I can be. Tua is our quarterback. I can repeat it.”

Flores is clearly annoyed by the constant questions regarding the position, those dating back 18 months. Those inquiries have evolved over time, from Miami’s preference for Tagovailoa to the draft to Tagovailoa’s state of health, to his rise in the week at the start, to his struggles, to his offseason job and finally to his future. With Watson’s situation far from resolved in Houston, and more than just football involved in an end result, a matchup isn’t exactly as easy as swapping.

Yet as rumors persist, so does the uncertainty from an outside perspective regarding Tagovailoa’s status. Hence the questions.

While reporters are forced to check at least the latest rumors regarding the proposed trades involving top players, anyone who has followed the Dolphins over the past year will know that Miami has already gone out of its way to do everything possible to transform. Tagovailoa in his franchise quarterback. The Dolphins passed the fifth overall pick on him, gave him time to recover from a major hip injury suffered in Alabama, and used the week off to promote him to the starting role, even when Miami was competing with “Ryan Fitzpatrick” under center.

Tagovailoa is the guy because Miami wants him to be the guy – at least from now on.

He’ll be the Week 1 starter, and with no end to Watson’s legal issues in sight, it’s more likely than not that Tagovailoa will remain the Miami guy until 2021, barring a complete meltdown on the pitch. .

Rumors will continue to swirl around as long as Watson stays with the Texans, a team he refuses to play for, and his off-court issues are resolved. Even if they are interested in Watson, the Dolphins logically cannot put a shred of hope in acquiring QB at this point.

Instead, the Dolphins will ride with the guy they brought in with a first-round pick. They hope it will eventually be worth it.

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