If the Vikings want a different QB2, these are slim choices

The panic button was slammed after the Minnesota Vikings’ second preseason game regarding the backup quarterback position.

Neither Kellen Mond nor Jake Browning seem adequate as a QB2 option if either man were invited to play regular season football tomorrow. Mond has a lot of time to devote to growth and development – he’s a beginner – so his overall prognosis is more geared towards beyond 2021.

Browning, on the other hand, convinced thousands of Vikings fans that he was the real QB2 contract after a nighttime scrum in Eagan three weeks ago. Hell, he coaxed some into believing he could play like a Entrance if requested. Sadly, Browning’s hype was far too loud and overblown as the 25-year-old struggled from his so-called magical melee.

The Mond-Browning sandwich is so bland so far for QB2 that the assumption of signing a better backup quarterback has hit the Vikings’ stratosphere.

This was an opportunity for Zimmer, in support of his young flaggers, to propose a “categorical no”. Instead, he verbalized the opposite, claiming a maybe Where not a bad idea, based on the listener’s perception.

The problem? Outside of a trade, the Vikings’ free agent quarterback options are slim.

Josh Rosen is a free agent. But he’s struggled at every stage of his three-year career after being selected in the 1st round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San 49ers Francisco all rejected it. Would he be better than Mond or Browning? Who knows. It is certainly not guaranteed. About the only thing Rosen would offer is a semblance of reclamation project hope. Do Vikings in a world without cousins ​​have time for Rosen to get good? Unlikely.

Blake bortles would be doable as a backup quarterback as he has extensive starting experience with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Still, Vikings fans spent a few weeks roasting the Green Bay Packers for signing Bortles on 2021’s The Great Aaron Rodgers Watch. Of course, that doesn’t make sense for the Vikings front office, but it does. is worth noting. Bortles had 103 touchdowns to 75 interceptions over his seven-year career – not exactly a sexy ratio for a contending football team like the Vikings aspire to be. As a reservist quarterback, however, Bortles makes sense.

Matt Shaub retirement. Robert griffin iii turned to the announcement booth for her next career path. He doesn’t seem to like Kirk Cousins ​​anyway. Alex smith retirement. Jake rudock Is not very good. Cookus case playing for the Las Vegas Raiders now. Keenum case and Bridgewater Teddy Bear are under contract elsewhere. The Viking pre-season superhero, Kyle sloter, is not signed, but he has never played a professional football game in the regular season. Ryan finley, a Bengal alumnus from Cincinnati, is a free agent. Is it really an upgrade from Mond or Browning, however?

Fortunately, Cousins ​​never runs out of time to get hurt. If he succumbed to it, it would be the first time in his NFL career that he would waste time because of it.

In all likelihood, finding a QB2 is a lot of ado about nothing. But if general manager Rick Spielman wants a battle-tested option, his list of men to choose from is picked.

Trading for a “Nick Foles Guy” is the best non-Bortles, non-Browning, and non-Mond game plan.

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