Ihmir Smith-Marsette brings ‘top speed’ and works great in space

Bercich emphasized the “top speed” and the separation capacity of Smith-Marsette. He pointed to a play against Wisconsin in which the receiver rushed down the field and split the Badgers’ pair of safeties en route to the end zone for a 53-yard touchdown which was his second score of the game. and the last of his university career.

“The bottom security can see, he’s in the quarterbacks, he can’t even turn around – it’s already too late,” says Bercich. “And by the time Smith-Marsette catches that ball, he’s already passed the two safeties at 5 meters. A great run in the middle, and that gives you an idea of ​​his speed and athletic ability.”

Bercich noted that Iowa often featured Smith-Marsette in the end zone: “Put him in motion, change the guy that’s going to cover him, get that athlete in space so he can play.”

He re-watched the movie of a Hawkeyes game at the University of Minnesota, where Iowa was inside the Gophers 10.

“[Smith-Marsette] movements through, a nice little route of selection by [receiver Brandon Smith]”Said Bercich.” Smith-Marsette catches the ball in space, turns it over and what an easy touchdown. “

As another example of sending the ball into space, Bercich referred to an Iowa-Illinois game. In the specified game, the Hawkeyes were working outside their own red zone.

“Here’s the interior whip screen,” Bercich explained. “He allows both offensive linemen to come up and block. He’s that kind of wide receiver – you want to give him the ball in space, he spins forward and gets about 5 or 6 good yards, so good. race after capture. “

Finally, Bercich showed how Iowa occasionally uses Smith-Marsette as a running back.

“He takes a step forward, hands the ball back, steps back the other way. The quarterback gets a good block, [Smith-Marsette] turns it north and south, ”Bercich explained of the film against Purdue.

“I would like to see it move a little better there, get closer to the end zone,” Bercich added when Smith-Marsette was brought back below the goal line. “But the kid is a great athlete, he performs very well in space, and I think he will be a great addition – also as a returning player. It will be the fastest way for this young man to. enter the field. “

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