Internet Viking supports Playstar Casino expansion in New Jersey

Image source: Shutterstock

International hosting provider Viking Internet Announcement of a long-term partnership with PlayStar Casino In the United States, we are supporting the progress of Swedish online casino operators in the American market.

Internet Vikings offers a bespoke New Jersey gambling-specific hosting service at PlayStar Casino. In New Jersey, operators are expected to open early next year.

Director of Business Development, PlayStar Noble adam Commentary: “I am delighted to sign this agreement with Internet Vikings to support the launch in New Jersey.

“Sports books and game hosting are a very different situation in the United States than in Europe, and the challenges are many. With this partnership, if you know the tech stack is working properly, it’s a safe kernel. You can do business. “

Since its launch in the United States in July, Internet Vikings has taken to West Virginia. We are currently adding New Jersey to this list in Colorado.

CEO of Viking Internet Pierre Eckmark Commentary: “We are very proud for two reasons. First of all, entering New Jersey is an achievement in itself. It is currently the most popular state in the United States, but it is entering it. It’s difficult.

“Second, we are very committed to continuing this journey with us and our customers who rely on our products to support our customers at these critical stages in our business lifecycle. And we don’t intend to stop here. We will continue to grow and transform to meet the needs of our customers at every stage of their growth process. “

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