‘It’s gold’: Fans compare The Undertaker to two-time Super Bowl champ after fan art goes viral

The Undertaker has made legendary status for himself in the professional wrestling world. However, his popularity goes beyond WWE and professional wrestling as one of the most iconic superstars.


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Similarly, recently we’ve seen a hint of Taker’s popularity in the NFL world. In their digital art, a fan compared a two-time Super Bowl champion to The Deadman.


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A few days ago, Jimmy Garoppolo’s career with the San Francisco 49ers seemed to be coming to an end. However, Trey Lance’s recent ankle injury sidelined him for the season and that brought Garoppolo back onto the pitch.

Even though Garoppolo will return to the field for the 49ers, a San Francisco fan has taken Garoppolo’s return to the field to the next level. The fan drew the 49ers player in one of the famous poses of The Undertaker emerging from the coffin.

The Deadman in his iconic career has plenty of moments where he woke up from a coffin and surprised his opponents. Whenever a segment like this appeared in WWE, fans knew Taker was going to take advantage and deliver his legendary knockout move, “Tombstone Piledriver.”

The 49ers player had been on the bench for several months since joining the team. However, as Taker used to attack opponents coming out of the coffin, Garoppolo came back strong from his injury, as the quarterback shocked the Seahawks, giving the 49ers a win Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.

TOPSHOT – World Wrestling Entertainment star The Undertaker steps into the ring during a match at the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Super Showdown event in the Saudi port city of Jeddah on January 7, 2019. ( Photo by Amer HILABI/AFP) (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP via Getty Images)

Clearly, The Undertaker is one of the biggest WWE stars in the world, as the artist posed as Taker to draw the viral image of Garoppolo.

Fans react to Jimmy Garoppolo’s photo in iconic The Undertaker style

It is one of the most innovative arts and the fans loved it. They shared their reactions on Twitter congratulating the artist for his creativity.


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about 2 months ago

It is a precise reference to the situation.

This fan calls the artist GOAT.

Some fans love the meme and can’t stop laughing about it.

More fan praise for making this art.


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It seems The Phenom is not only an idol in the pro wrestling world, but outside of his realm as well. Taker had some of the best moments of his WWE career that fans still remember.


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Taker retired in 2020 after the Boneyard match against AJ Styles. However, even after his retirement, the Hall of Famer is still a member of WWE, as he was back when he was an active wrestler. Additionally, he did not appear on any weekly shows, but went backstage several times at Premium Live events.

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