James Cook 2022 NFL Draft profile: Fantasy Football, scouting report, pro day stats, 40 times, more

James Cook is no clone of his brother – NFL star running back Dalvin Cook – but it’s impossible not to see the similarities in their running styles when watching James’ strip in Georgia. You don’t have to dig deep into the game’s movie to see it either. Anyone who watched the national championship game against Alabama and saw James do this cut jump it could have for a moment felt like Dalvin was showing up to give the Bulldogs a boost to finally get over the hill against Bama. But no, it was James. And while Dalvin’s younger brother doesn’t have the same kind of height, he displays a variety of similar traits that made the older brother a special player. He could also be a better prospect as a receiver and we all know how well that plays in Fantasy Football.

The mini Dalvin doesn’t have the same build — he’s about 10 to 15 pounds lighter — and he didn’t operate on the same workload as his older sibling in Georgia. But partly, it felt like it was because they didn’t need him. James does a great job with his footwork and vision – like his brother – and it allows him to be an asset as a runner between tackles despite his height. And his passing game prowess will allow him to be an immediate passing asset – so there is a path for him to operate in a three-way role at the NFL level. Cook rushed for 738 yards on 113 attempts (6.4 CJP) for a total of seven rushing scores in 2021. He also caught 27 of 30 passes for 274 yards and four touchdowns through the air while operating a four-way running back per committee at Georgia.

Age at week 1: 22 | Height: 5-11 | Mass: 199 | 40 times: 4.42

We break down everything you need to know about Cook from a fantasy manager’s perspective, including best fits, Dynasty outlook, measurables, scouting report, key stats and an NFL comparison.

fancy fits

Buffalo Tickets

Throughout his tenure as general manager of the Bills, general manager Brandon Beane hasn’t been shy about aiming for the running back position at the end of Day 2 (Round 3). He located two fullbacks he liked and he went out and got them both in Round 3 – Devin Singletary and Zack Moss. Although Singletary had a great streak in late 2021, he hasn’t fully established himself as the alpha, and there’s room for another playmaker in this offense. Considering how many opposing defensive coordinators have switched to playing the Josh Allen-led Bills from a two-height safety shell, this is one of the best fits for any running back. Cook’s skill in the passing game also helps his projection here.

Vegas Adventurers

I would like James Cook to meet new Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels, the man responsible for unlocking the careers of full-backs like James White. Cook is not limited to a transmission role at the next level, but he will certainly be an immediate weapon there. All you have to do is see the spin cycle he put Alabama LB Christian Harris on a vertical route when he lined up on the border in 2020 to know what kind of advantage he brings. in this regard. And coming from Bill Belichick’s coaching tree, McDaniels will love the fact that Cook hasn’t had a single pass drop in 2021.

New York Giants

We’re not saying the writing is on the wall for Saquon Barkley in New York, but with a new front office and coaching staff in place, the Giants have already signed three of the best running backs in this class of repechage for the best privateers. 30 visits to their establishment. Cook was one of them. His explosive playing skills would be a good fit for new coach Brian Daboll, who can put him into action in a role similar to how he used Isaiah McKenzie with the Bills.

Dynasty Prospects

Cook has dropped in the fictional rookie drafts I’ve been involved with so far, and I think his lack of size and college-level touches have a lot to do with it. I saw Cook drop off the board regularly in Round 3 – sometimes in the middle or back. I understand the concerns, but as we’ll see further down in the scouting report, elite traits trump these. And it’s way too far from a fall. Cook will be one of my targets late in the second round in the standard rookie draft with a skill set that translates very well to any fantasy league that awards points for receptions.

Screening report


  • Breakaway speed is real with Cook and he might even have a slight advantage over his brother in that regard – the 4.42 40-yard dash appears on tape via his game speed.
  • Incredibly fast feet allow him to change direction, pressing the line of scrimmage before cutting to get vertical.
  • A nearly identical running style to his brother Dalvin gives him a leg up on any team that gets him into a heavy run blocking system outside the zone.
  • Complete mismatch against linebackers as a receiving option — Georgia even found success lining it up on the boundary and into the slot — on the move.
  • The acceleration after his cuts is noticeable on tape and a major plus for James, and his ability to stop and go in no time is incredibly impressive.
  • James’ patience and vision as a runner is often what helps him set up his cuts and create big wins.
  • Not only does James have game speed above the elite limit, but perhaps more important is his ability to maintain that speed after his cuts.
  • James shows flashes of advanced mental processing in his ability to set up reduced linebackers and safeties, and in doing so, create reduction lanes.
  • Ideal in space in the screen game or on designed fast passes
  • Shows a willingness to pass protection and has a few high reps protecting the pass
  • Excellent for protecting football – zero fumbles in 2021


  • Cook has a light frame that brings question marks over whether or not he’ll be able to handle a heavy workload at the next level.
  • Cook is by no means a tackle breaker via power, although he can evade them with his slippery running style.
  • Contact balance not necessarily a concern, but not an elite trait for Cook either
  • Cook has eclipsed just 100 total touches in a season

Breakdown of statistics

g Att RuYds Avg TD Rec Reyds Avg TD
2021 15 113 728 6.4 7 27 284 10.5 4
2020 8 45 303 6.7 3 16 225 14.1 2
2019 13 31 188 6.1 2 16 132 8.3 0
Career 36 230 1503 6.5 14 67 730 10.9 6

Advanced Stats You Need to Know

  • No lost passes in 2021
  • Zero escapes in 2021

NFL Comparison

A smaller version of Dalvin Cook in the running style is fitting, but considering the frame, former Falcons running back Devonta Freeman might make the most sense as an NFL comparison given their styles. race and their size.

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