Jordan Hicks and Eric Kendricks cultivate chemistry on defense

Ragatz said Kendricks and Hicks share a similar outlook when entering the field regardless of the pattern.

Kendricks said he and Hicks have shared experience of spending much of their careers in 4-3 schemes, so they learn this defense from a similar knowledge base. Whether or not the Vikings knew it when they signed Hicks, Kendricks said they saw the game the same way._

“We definitely see things the same way,” he said. “We were both kind of playing 4-3 for a while, so a lot of nickel 4-3 patterns, we see the gaps trading and stuff like that the same way. Our progress readings are very things that make sense to us, they make sense to both of us, and things that don’t make sense, usually we can agree on that too.

As the Vikings prepare for their first preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders at 3:25 p.m. (CT) on Sunday, Kendricks and Hicks know that each rep at camp is just another chance for them to strengthen. their foundation.

“It’s good,” Kendricks told Ragatz. “Maybe we get beaten up on something, but we both know at the same time why we got beaten up and then we get another chance and we see this differently and we’re like ‘OK, let’s talk about it now. .’ Every day we’re here we get beaten up, but we also make games and those are all things to talk about, whatever.

“That communication off the pitch, as well as the adjustments on the pitch, are really important, and we both have the same lingo, we’re both eight years in the league, so we both really know what’s going on. is happening,” Kendricks added.

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