Julian Edelman tells crazy Super Bowl 52 story that involves Guy Fieri and the Colts

In a recent story about Julian Edelman’s Super Bowl 52 experience, the Indianapolis Colts were named as an important story topic.

In February 2018, the New England Patriots were playing in another Super Bowl. Of course, they ultimately lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, who had Nick Foles as quarterback and Frank Reich as offensive coordinator. Reich and Foles are now with the Indianapolis Colts, but it turns out the actual Colts had an impact on the Patriots that night.

Julian Edelman, a retired NFL wide receiver who played 11 seasons with New England, was unable to play in that Super Bowl because he missed the entire season with an ACL injury. However, he recently shared how he met the Colts on Super Bowl night.

During a recent Reddit AMA, fans were allowed to ask Edelman anything in hopes that he would answer their question. One of the most popular questions was why defensive back Malcolm Butler didn’t play in this Super Bowl. Edelman deflected with his response saying, “I don’t really know I was too busy getting kicked off the Colts box with Guy Fieri this Super Bowl.”

This opened up a whole new set of questions from fans, as they were curious about the details of Edelman’s expulsion from a club. Edelman spoiled fans and explained, “Guy had tickets in the Colts box (oh, we’re friends nbd). I settled in, got my popcorn, got my crackers, telling old war stories to the lovely people in the club. Then I get a pat on the shoulder. Colts management found out I was there, and let’s just say Indy isn’t known for its hospitality.

The Colts kicked Julian Edelman out of their box at Super Bowl 52

There aren’t many complaints about Indy’s hospitality, but Edelman was a member of Indy’s biggest rival, so of course the Colts weren’t going to allow an enemy to relax on their turf. Especially since Edelman had plenty of other avenues to enjoy the game.

For the past 20 years, New England and Indianapolis have had one of the NFL’s most tense rivalries. Both organizations, top to bottom, understand what rivalry means and it shows every time the two share the pitch. Last season, Indy got the better of the Patriots with an electrifying prime-time win and ended any talk of the rivalry dying.

The two teams will meet again this season in Foxborough at Gillette Stadium in Week 9. If Edelman is present, he will be sure not to fall into the box for the Colts because he will surely be sent off again.

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