Lovie Smith: The Bengals went from four Super Bowl wins, why not the Texans?

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Texans coach Lovie Smith insists his team can go far in 2022. Maybe even all the way.

Smith compared the 2022 Texans to the 2021 Bengals, saying he thought his team could pull off the kind of turnaround that got Cincinnati to Super Bowl LVI.

“We have won four games this year. The Bengals had won four the year before, and it was a big year for them,” Smith told Peter King in Football Morning in America. “We don’t have to wonder, we just saw a team do it. Somebody’s gonna take that leap. Someone always does. Why not us ?

The main reason it doesn’t is that the Bengals have Joe Burrow at quarterback while the Texans’ own elite quarterback Deshaun Watson seems determined to never play for Houston again. . But Smith thinks the Texans can have a great quarterback, even in 2021 draft pick Davis Mills, or in someone’s April Texans draft.

“What gives me optimism is…I got to see Davis Mills. How many special quarterbacks are there? There are a few. But there are a lot of good quarterbacks. I think we’re going to have a good quarterback for the Houston Texans,” Smith said. “We have the third pick in the draft right now. There’s a chance we’ll get a great quarterback- guard added to our squad, or a lot of draft picks to bring in more players. Something positive is going to come out of that.”

Smith is more optimistic than realistic, but if the Texans are in the playoffs in 11 months, he’ll deserve to be the NFL’s Coach of the Year.

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