Mac Jones’ rainy workout vs. Cam Newton says it all

New England Patriots have perfect succession plan in place, like starter slated for 2021 Cam Newton will eventually give way to Mac Jones. The national champion was taken in the first round after a record breaking career in Alabama.

Despite Jones’ pedigree, his college accomplishments won’t make a difference in the NFL, and he’ll have to show that his ability to hit receivers in stride down the field wasn’t simply a byproduct of a charged offense. of Bama with the NFL. -caliber players at every position.

Jones may be Newton’s nominal replacement, but every positive little step he takes in the right direction is catnip for a Patriots fanbase looking for a long-term successor to Tom Brady. By Patriots defeated reporter Mike Reiss, Jones was able to strut the training ground in poor conditions.

Jones, who received double the reps that veteran Newton did, was able to spin the ball effectively despite playing in the rain. With Jones already looking more comfortable in this attack, the fact that he is able to perform well in adverse conditions will make Patriots fans even more confident of his star potential.

Mac Jones impressed the Patriots in bad weather.

As silly as it sounds, throwing well under these conditions could be the biggest hurdle Jones will have to overcome. Born and raised in North Florida while studying at college in Alabama, being able to be precise in inclement New England weather conditions is a big plus for the QB rookie.

Steve Sargsyan, his former offensive coordinator at Tuscaloosa, compared Jones to Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, citing his work ethic, ability to absorb offensive plans and his arm talent. If New England ends up with someone in that tier, bringing Jones up to 15th will be an overwhelming success.

As efficient as Newton ran the ball last year, and despite all the challenges last year brought, he threw more interceptions than touchdowns, and that will give him one of the shortest leashes of all. football. A few slips and Jones may be on the ground. The Patriots can’t afford a slow start.

Jones still has a lot of obstacles to overcome at the NFL level, and just because he was able to make a few shots in bad weather doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed to translate that training performance into a live game situation. . However, Jones is progressing well in the camp, and Patriots fans worried about the future can take comfort in that.

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