Matthew Stafford can make Rams’ Super Bowl hopes come true by pushing for risky $ 6 million trade

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  • Matthew Stafford and Los Angeles Rams must consider trading for New York Giants Evan Engram
  • Engram, a 2020 Pro Bowl selection, is in the final year of his contract
  • Rams could still use more vertical receiving threats

Life is good for Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. He’s scoring touchdowns on a team that, at 6-1, looks destined to reach the playoffs and give the veteran quarterback a shot at ultimately winning a playoff game.

How can life improve, you ask? With the trade deadline quickly approaching, it’s time for Stafford to use his starting quarterback leverage and push the Rams to make a major offensive acquisition.

Matthew Stafford must convince Rams to acquire New York Giants tight end Evan Engram

Stafford has no shortage of weapons in Los Angeles. He made Cooper Kupp one of the most prolific receivers in the NFL and has Robert Woods in great shape for his third 1,000-yard season in the past four years.

Yet the rich can still afford to get richer. In fact, in an attempt to take that train of thought at face value, the Rams reportedly added $ 3 million in cap after restructuring offensive tackle Rob Havenstein’s contract. Don’t be surprised to see the Rams restructure another contract here and there if that means creating space for the perfect deal.

The acquisition of New York Giants tight end Evan Engram is more on the “risky” side of things than a “perfect” or “ideal” deal. The 2020 Pro Bowl selection earns $ 6 million in the final year of his contract and is likely nearing the end of his stay in New York.

At the time of publication, the Giants had not publicly announced their intention to part ways with Engram in the coming days. The 27-year-old, who has caught 20 catches for 171 yards in five games this season, recently told reporters he was ignoring trade rumors and would not “crash” in the middle of the 2-5 start of the team.

Engram makes perfect sense as a rotating rental part

Luckily for Stafford, the Rams aren’t in a situation where they desperately need another vertical threat. However, the team made recently placed tight end Johnny Mundt, a replacement who also sees important special teams action, on the injured list with a torn ACL.

Does Mundt’s injury open legitimacy for Engram? It depends on the Rams, who refuse to make second-year tight end Brycen Hopkins an active player on game day. The Purdue product has been a healthy scratch all season.

Engram would, in theory, be a perfect rotational fit that can split snaps with Tyler Higbee, the sixth-year tight end who started 69 of the Rams’ last 72 regular season games. The Rams can give Higbee a break on some lows and send Engram on the passes.

It should be noted that Engram has a history of drops, including 11 last year out of 109 targets. Its tendency not to catch on balls makes this hypothetical trade much riskier than it looks when looking only at receiving yards. However, product Ole Miss has only dropped one pass on his first 29 targets this season, so he’s at least progressing.

As the Giants prepare to possibly embark on yet another rebuild, they’ll need all the draft capital they can get. Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that the Rams can get Engram for a fifth-round pick in 2022. It’s well worth the price when Stafford and his friends try to reach the Super Bowl.

Higbee is still a capable starting winger in his own right

As long as Higbee stays healthy and doesn’t forget how to catch the ball, the world isn’t going to end if the Rams don’t acquire Engram. That’s all the reassurance Stafford needs right now.

Higbee had 27 catches for 248 yards and two touchdowns in the Rams’ first seven games. With the 17-game season running, it’s a 66-catch, 602-yard campaign in his first year with a new quarterback. And, of course, he presents those numbers as the third or fourth weapon in the Rams’ passing game.

Higbee is under contract until the end of the 2023 season, so the Rams are in no real rush to replace him. If the rams made acquire Engram, they would likely lose him to a team willing to sign him and make him their starter in 2022, as opposed to a rotating weapon.

Again, the goal is a Super Bowl ring. If Engram can make that dream come true, something tells us the Rams will be willing to part ways with a draft pick or two.

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