Michigan State football embarrasses itself with ‘Championship’ ring [Photos]

Let me start off by saying I’m a fan of University of Michigan And there’s nothing I like better than to see ohio state lose in everything they do. That being said, over the past decade, state of michigan certainly gained some ground on my “most hated” list as they more than held their own on the football field against my beloved Wolverines. Because of that, I give them more respect than most Wolverines fans.

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But, what Michigan State Football the team did on Thursday is downright embarrassing for themselves and for their fans.

As you can see below, the Spartans tweeted a photo of their “Championship” rings from Peach Bowl with the caption “Earned, not given away.”

These rings are troublesome for several reasons.

First, the Spartans won the Peach Bowl on a Pittsburgh team without its starting QB, Kenny Pickett, who was sitting out preparing for the NFL Draft. Yes, the Spartans were without Kenneth Walker III but we all know that a Heisman level QB is MUCH more important to a team than a Heisman level RB.

The second reason these rings are embarrassing is that they have Michigan’s game score, which the Spartans won 37-33. Yes, Michigan State won that game, but why on earth do they give the team that won the Big Ten championship any spot on their Peach Bowl “championship” ring? It just doesn’t make sense.

To make matters worse, the Spartans head coach Mel Tucker then tweeted a video featuring the ring with the caption “Come get yours.”

Maybe Tucker is content with finishing third in the Big Ten and winning a Peach Bowl?

Michigan State fans, what do you think of these rings? Are you happy with third place and a Peach Bowl win?

The MSU fans I’ve spoken to so far are not only embarrassed, they’re upset that Mel Tucker is allowing this to happen.

Stay tuned for more!

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