Minnesota in the running to hire Jim Harbaugh

Monday’s version of the Minnesota Vikings rumors included a former Detroit sportswriter putting the team on the hunt for Jim Harbaugh as their next head coach.

It’s only the start of the week, but things are already getting a little crazy in the world of Minnesota Vikings rumors, and this time it’s something that implies the franchise is interested in what Jim Michigan’s Harbaugh becomes their next head coach.

Just take a look at this tweet from Monday which was posted by John U. Bacon, formerly of The Detroit News.

Vikings rumours: Is Jim Harbaugh a sleeper in the search for a new Minnesota head coach?

Harbaugh has been on the NFL rumor mill for a few weeks, but he hadn’t been associated with the Vikings’ current opener until Bacon’s tweet on Monday.

Some believe Michigan’s current head coach would quit school to return to a coaching job in the NFL if the right opportunity presented itself this year. the Las Vegas Raiders are the team that keep being mentioned whenever there is a discussion about Harbaugh returning to the pros.

Hiring Harbaugh would be a great move for Minnesota as he had a ton of success in his last NFL head coaching gig when he was with the San Francisco 49ers. In four seasons with him in the lead, the 49ers have won 69.5% of their games, earned three trips to the NFC Championship and played in a Super Bowl.

Now, a whole roll of duct tape is probably needed when it comes to that Bacon rumor. Currently, it is only a rumor that continues speculation that Harbaugh is interested in returning to coaching in the NFL.

If legitimate reports with real sources start rolling in that link Harbaugh and the Vikings, maybe it’s time for Minnesota fans to get ready for a pair of khakis.

Until then, the rational thing to do is just treat this like another crazy rumor during the NFL offseason. Vikings fans can be rational, right?

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