Minnesota Vikings draft Lewis Cine 32nd overall in 2022 NFL Draft

With the 32nd overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected Georgia Bulldogs S Lewis Cine. What will Cine’s rookie contract look like and where does it project in the Vikings’ current depth chart?

Lewis Cine drafted 32nd overall by Minnesota Vikings

The final first-round selection caps off a huge night for the Georgia defence. Cine joins fellow defensive stars as a first-round selection for the Vikings.

Cine’s projected rookie contract

Because Cine was the 32nd overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, here’s what his projected rookie contract should look like. The contract numbers come from above the ceiling.

  • Total value: $12.8 million
  • Signing bonuses: $6.5 million
  • Base salary 2022: $705,000
  • Ceiling number 2022: $2.3 million

The strong points of the Cine and the points to improve

Here’s a look at what the Vikings will get with the Cine selection. For more information, check out Cine’s full scouting report.


  • Picks up coverage assignments quickly, displays huge reach in center field, and possesses speed as well as a closing flurry
  • Instinctive, quick to diagnose and takes the right angles for action
  • Ignites the pitch to defend running plays and screen passes, plays with a mean attitude and aggressively lays his shoulders on ball handlers

Improvement areas

  • Could use some extra muscle mass
  • When the ball is behind him in coverage, he may be guilty of not understanding his header
  • Off balance trying to drive at his factory pass

How does Ciné project itself into the Vikings depth chart?

The Vikings need a long-term partner for Harrison Smith, and Camryn Bynum isn’t the ideal fit. Therefore, Cine fulfills an important security need. He can come in and compete with Bynum immediately and potentially even start Week 1 if he has a good pre-season. Even if he doesn’t start, Cine definitely adds more depth to the safe position, which will be invaluable in the event of an injury.

When will the Vikings pick next in the 2022 NFL Draft?

At the time they drafted Cine, the Vikings have those picks remaining in the 2022 NFL Draft.

  • Round 2 (Choose 34 from Lions)
  • Round 3 (Choose 66 from Lions)
  • Round 3 (choice 77)
  • Round 5 (Choose 156 from the Ravens)
  • Round 6 (Choose 184 from the Jets)
  • Round 6 (Pick 191 from Ravens via Chiefs)
  • Round 6 (choice 192)
  • Round 7 (Pick 250 from 49ers via Broncos)

For full results and the upcoming draft order, check out our pick-by-pick tracker for the 2022 NFL Draft.

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