Minnesota Vikings Should Keep Rick Spielman

It looks like Mike Zimmer’s reign may finally come to an end in Minnesota after 8 seasons. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports announced today that the Vikings are expected to step down from their longtime head coach this week.

“Zimmer has been in Minnesota since 2014 and was quick to help turn the franchise around, despite going 7-9 for the second year in a row. With one game to play this season, their playoff hopes are gone.

Zimmer was almost made redundant a few years ago, and sources said there was a clear mandate from the property to be a real competitor in 2021; Minnesota got off to a slow start, delivered erratic week-to-week results, and never maintained momentum on either side of the ball. Zimmer has come under fire for his staff building and has encountered offensive personnel several times over the years.

Despite the success Zimmer has enjoyed with the Vikings in his 8 years, posting the 2nd highest winning percentage in the modern team era, it’s clear his time with the purple and gold followed his Classes.

Despite the change of coach, it looks like current GM Rick Spielman will stay with the squad to some extent. While he’s unlikely to remain general manager next season, La Canfora reports he could evolve into a John Elway-like front office or advisory role with the Broncos.

“Spielman could stay in Minnesota in a role that oversees the coach and the potential new general manager, or the property could end up with a different balance of power depending on how the coach search unfolds.”

La Canfora also spoke about Spielman’s ability to attract talent and his relationship with the Wilfs, and how the built-in trust between the two could allow Spielman to stay with the organization.

Spielman is very close to the property and enjoys immense trust; the team has spent big and have yet to win big, but several sources in the league said they would be very surprised if Spielman was not part of the organization to some extent to move forward.

Zimmer and Spielman will always be associated with each other for the past 8 years, from their unlikely 2017 playoff run to their decision to sign Kirk Cousins ​​for the very first fully guaranteed deal.

Despite their long stints in Minnesota, it looks like the Vikings are set for a new head coach and general manager duo.

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