Minnesota Vikings vs. Buffalo Bills – Week 10

The Minnesota Vikings have a litmus test when they travel to face the Buffalo Bills, but will Josh Allen’s potential absence make a difference?

The Minnesota Vikings will be challenged on Sunday when they travel to face the Buffalo Bills. Although going to Orchard Park isn’t on any team’s wish list this season, the Vikings could come at the right time as Josh Allen struggles with an elbow injury.

Allen was injured last practice in last week’s loss to the New York Jets and reports indicate he has a sprained ulnar collateral ligament. Baseball fans will tell you it was the injury that led to Tommy John’s surgery and could be a problem moving forward – even though he threw a 70-yard pass on the last play of the game.

The debate over Allen rages on both sides. For Buffalo, they must decide if playing Allen against a non-conference opponent is worth the risk. For vikings fans, they’re trying to figure out if they want Allen to play to legitimize a potential win or if they just want to walk away from Buffalo with a win.

The Minnesota Vikings are probably thinking of the latter. Even if Buffalo is without its starting quarterback, the Bills have an elite roster that can pull off a win. Allen’s injury leaves a lot up in the air, but here are five bold predictions for when the Vikings will face the Bills.

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