Next Generation Statistics | Jaelan Phillips of MIami Dolphins among NFL’s Fastest Passers in Week 1

When the Miami Dolphins drafted Jaelan Phillips (EDGE No.1) with the 18th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the fanbase was excited. Of course, some would have preferred the team to draft Najee Harris, but what a player like Phillips could do in Brian Flores’ defense would be a game-changer.

(That the record shows I was 100% behind Jaelan Phillips’ pick. He was my top passer in this class and a player I was delighted with.)

Throughout the preseason, fans have had their ups and downs over the performance of the 18th overall pick. (I was not.)

First, Phillips didn’t play in Miami’s Week 1 preseason game against the Chicago Bears. And for a player whose most important question mark is about his health, it has given some of the naysayers something to talk about.

Phillips’ first live action in the NFL would take place in Week 2 against the Atlanta Falcons. The former Miami Hurricane star combined two tackles. He set the EDGE right and looked explosive out of line. But as you might expect, fans wanted to see more.

Miami’s next game would be against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Phillips, to some, looked less impressive in this game. (Again, not me.)

He didn’t register a tackle and at times looked like he was blocked. (Although closer examination would show he was frequently a double-teamed throughout the game.) Heck, the Dolphins even brought him back into cover at times. It was a puzzle for some fans, and the doubt continued to grow. (Never a doubt in my mind, tbqh)

In my opinion, it looked like Flores and her team were trying to get Phillips to improve in areas of weakness. They want him to be a complete player, as they do with all of their players.

Phillips set the EDGE fine. He has sometimes faced double and even triple teams. He was an asset in stopping the race and, as we mentioned earlier, he even returned to cover.

Even more impressive was his explosiveness off the line of scrimmage (more on that later).

Overall, Jaelan Phillips has shown me enough (this preseason) to be excited about what he can do in the NFL.

Jaelan Phillips made his NFL debut against the New England Patriots on Sunday. And while he may not have recorded a tackle, the young Miami passer made the most of his 22 shots.

Phillips faced doubles teams. He created pressure and opened up avenues for others to get to the quarterback. #stutin

Most impressive, however, was how explosive he was off the line of scrimmage. Next-Gen Stats had the rookie Dolphins rusher as the fourth-fastest player in the line of scrimmage in Week One behind Texans Jacob Martin, Pittsburgh’s Alex Highsmith and Los Angeles Chargers superstar Joey Bosa. (Minimum of 15 shots.)

As I discussed in this week’s episode of Phinsider Radio, if the Miami Dolphins are to beat the Buffalo Bills this Sunday and stop one of the best quarterbacks in the game, Jaelan Phillips will need to get more shots.

Free Jaelan Phillips and good things will come. (Jevon Holland too)

What do you think of Jaelan Phillips in Sunday’s 17-16 win over the New England Patriots? Do you think he should have more reps this weekend against the Buffalo Bills? Is he the key to stopping Josh Allen and Buffalo’s high octane offense? Let us know in the comments section below!

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