NFL coaching layoffs, reactions, hiring updates: Texans fire David Culley, what Matt Rhule needs to do and more

With that talent, Culley didn’t stand a chance. This Texas team had so many new free agents that Culley said he couldn’t find out which players were on one-year contracts. He had a hard enough time explaining why Deshaun Watson served as a substitute during training camp practices.

“The situation we had here in Houston wouldn’t have been easy for anyone,” center Justin Britt said. “I feel like his leadership was consistent and who he was was consistent, and that’s what we needed here as a leader, someone to lead this team.”

The fact that fans still wanted to pose for photos with Culley and shake his hand at the end of one of the ugliest seasons in team history felt like an implicit acknowledgment that Culley only deserved so much love. blame, that he was ready to fail. Chances are Bill O’Brien wouldn’t have received similar treatment after a four-game winning year in which he denied an early punt penalty out of frustration.

“I’ve had people tell me they feel sorry for me,” Culley said Monday. “Do you pity me? Do you know what I do? I’m the head coach of the Houston Texans, regardless of the record, and that’s a great thing.


David Culley was doomed as Texans coach. Now it’s out after one season

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