NFL Power Rankings: Packers drop 8th overall after loss

Last week, Acme Packing Company began tracking what the national media said about the Green Bay Packers through some of the most popular power ranking posts on the internet. On average, the Packers were ranked around sixth overall, but that quickly changed after their 23-7 loss to the Minnesota Vikings in week 1.

Heading into Week 2 of the regular season, Green Bay has fallen in each of the rankings we’ve chosen to track this year, falling to an average ranking of around eighth in the league. Here’s what the writers have to say about the Packers and where they fit in the current NFL landscape:, Dan Hanzus

Packers standings: Eighth (sixth last week)

Teams ahead: BUF, KC, TB, LAR, LAC, BAL and MIN

Christian Watson toasted Patrick Peterson on a deep lane and had nothing but green ahead of him as a perfectly pitched spiral from Aaron Rodgers entered his orbit. However, the ball snapped out of Watson’s hands, a worrying first play from scrimmage for the 2022 Packers. Green Bay’s offense was limited to just one goal in a disheartening 23-7 loss to the Vikings on Sunday. . Watching in real time, it was hard not to think of the moments in the game when Rodgers would have turned to Davante Adams to start the attack. It’s a transition period for the offense, but trust Rodgers to figure things out in time.

CBS Sports, Pete Prisco

Packers standings: Ninth (seventh)

Teams ahead: BUF, KC, TB, PHI, LAC, NO, MIN and BAL

They looked horrible losing to the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers was beaten and didn’t play well. A defense that was supposed to be dominant was not.

Ringer, Austin Gayle

Packers standings: Fifth (fourth)

Teams ahead: BUF, KC, TB and LAC

Aaron Rodgers threw for 133 yards, no touchdowns and had two picks in a 38-3 loss to the Saints in Week 1 last season and won the league MVP award. But this year’s searing loss to the Vikings is different. The offensive line is plagued with injuries, Davante Adams plays for the Raiders, and Green Bay’s supposedly stacked defense gave up 184 yards to one player (Justin Jefferson). The Packers need returning offensive linemen David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins healthy and literally any receiver to step up the deep contention hold in the playoffs. It’s crazy that Rodgers’ Peaky Blinders haircut was the only highlight of their start to the season.

Laundress Report, NFL Staff

Packers standings: 12th (seventh)

Teams ahead: BUF, KC, TB, LAC, LAR, BAL, CIN, PHI, MIN, NO and MIA

The Green Bay Packers are in trouble.

That Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson fried the Green Bay defense for 184 yards and two of nine touchdowns caught in a 16-point loss is frankly the least of them. The biggest problem is that with Allen Lazard sidelined with an injured ankle, Green Bay’s wide receivers’ entire body only passed for 151 receiving yards. Green Bay’s best wide receiver in the game in terms of strikes and distance was running back AJ Dillon.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made no apologies for the pitiful performance.

“There are expectations for whoever is in there, that they are going to play well. We had a lot of chances today. I don’t take anything away from their defense, but we got injured a few times, me there. understood,” Rodgers said.

This isn’t necessarily the time to panic – Green Bay also blew themselves up in Week 1 a year ago to win 13 games and capture the NFC’s No. 1 seed. But these Packers didn’t look like a superbowl competitor of week 1. Or even the best team in the NFC North.

These Packers looked like a deeply flawed team with issues on offense that might be too much for even Rodgers to overcome.

Yahoo! Sports, Frank Schwab

Packers standings: Eighth (fifth)

Teams ahead: BUF, KC, TB, LAR, BAL, LAC and PHI

Much will be made of receivers who don’t show up in Week 1, but the absence of key offensive linemen David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins was also a big deal. It’s fair to wonder if Bakhtiari, a fantastic left tackle who has played 27 snaps since tearing his ACL in 2020, will ever get it right.

Last week, the only team that was ranked above the Packers on all five power rankings was the Buffalo Tickets. After a week of play, the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers joined them. The 0-1 Los Angeles Ramsdespite their offensive line issues and quarterback Matthew Stafford’s visible injured play, remained steady with three writers slipping the team past Green Bay.

The following teams have moved ahead of the Packers, after Green Bay was ranked ahead of them on every roster before the regular season: Baltimore (four times), Minnesota (three), Philadelphia (three), New Orleans (two), and Miami (a.) The dolphins being considered a better team than Green Bay might be the most hurtful thing said about this team all week. Bleacher Report really called their shot there.

Fortunately, the Packers have a Sunday night football opportunity coming this weekend that gives them a chance to prove a national audience wrong.

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