NFL Super Bowl LVI 2021/2022 winning division predictions and odds

  • The favorites here are AFC West and NFC South, both divisions with an SB LV team.
  • NFC West and AFC North could win, both having grown stronger in the offseason
  • Last year’s weakest division NFC East is our longest shot at winning this futures bet

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For any sports player who enjoys betting on NFL futures, this is a fun game where you can predict which division the future Super Bowl LVI winner will come out of.

The two main favorites here are the divisional lodgings of last year’s SB participants, the NFC South where the Tampa Bay Bucs roam, and the NFC South, home base of the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFC West and AFC North are next on the list, with most of those eight teams improving significantly over the last offseason, while NFC East becoming the longshot here after passing all of the homes in the last season in the basement of the league.

Here are our predictions, odds and picks for a winner – good luck!

NFL Super Bowl LVI Winning Division Odds

Odds taken June 15, 2021 on DraftKings Sportsbook

NFL Super Bowl LVI Winning Division Predictions and Choice

our selection
With four strong contenders on the line for the 2022 regular season, NFC West becomes a solid bet here, especially since it’s difficult for the same teams to play in back-to-back Super Bowls.

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Favorites to win

AFC West

The main reason this division is at the top here is because the Kansas City Chiefs are there, and they are no doubt ready to return to the Big Game and prove themselves more worthy of that honor than last time around when they did. lost to the Bucs by more than three touchdowns.

Plus, now the Los Angeles Chargers have their franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert (but are they ready to go the distance so early in his trip?), And don’t count the Raiders or the Broncos, either, especially if one of them gets Aaron Rodgers under center

NFC South

There are at least two good reasons to believe that this division will contain the next Super Bowl winner and it is the Tampa Bay Bucs champion, who is essentially “replaying” this season, and the New Orleans Saints, who are testing their new QB franchise. named Jameis Winston.

The Carolina Panthers crush QB Sam Darnold’s tires as the Falcons look to win without WR Julio Jones, nor giving anyone too much confidence in their potential, but stranger things have happened in the NFL.

NFC West

From top to bottom, this division looks solid, especially now that the Los Angeles Rams have Mathew Stafford under center and the Arizona Cardinals and QB Kyler Murray are super strong in their receiving room.

The San Francisco 49ers will now be working without defensive guru Robert Saleh, so they’re relying on veteran offensive player Jimmy Garoppolo to make up the difference in the same way that Seahawks HC Pete Carroll relies on QB Russell Wilson to finally get back to his old Super Bowl. . glory.

AFC North

The main reason this division is worth mentioning is the makeup of the Cleveland Browns roster, with their defense now matching their offense in terms of star power and leadership that seems capable of winning it all.

Add to that the Steelers and Ravens who both have the knack to compete for this division, as well as the Bengals who reclaim a healthy QB Joe Burrow with his favorite LSU target, rookie Ja’Marr Chase.

No chance of winning

NFC East

Although punters have this division last for this futures bet, don’t necessarily count them as if they were the same group as last season when all four teams combined got a poor 23-40-1 over the course of the match. regular season.

Remember, Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is coming back to play for a team filled with superstars on both sides of the ball and the Washington football team has a defense that can stop any attack if only they can. count on Ryan’s Fitz Fitzpatrick- Magic to show up.

The Eagles and Giants are still questionable, however, both starting from young quarterbacks with a lot of pressure on their debutants’ shoulders.

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