NY Giants legend sees nuances of Tom Coughlin in Joe Judge

Tiki Barber played for Tom Coughlin and watched the NY Giants legend win a pair of Super Bowls, and he thinks Joe Judge is so lucky to be so successful.

Tom Coughlin is responsible for half of the New York Giants’ Lombardi Trophies, a collection second-year head coach Joe Judge would like to add to.

The judge knows a thing or two about success; coming from Bill Belichick’s coaching tree and learning the importance of building culture alongside Nick Sabin. Although the New York Giants missed a game to break a three-year playoff drought in 2020, Judge certainly managed to end the season in instilling a stubborn culture.

Tiki Barber played for Coughlin and is an observer interested in Judge’s career. Barber says he sees a lot of similarities between the two NY Giants coaches.

“I think the biggest similarity between the two is the attention to detail,” Barber told FanSided, while promoting the display app, which will help athletes capitalize on their likeness. “And the importance of being specific, which they highlight. They are both direct and end of the day shooters, and if you don’t mind being trained hard you appreciate what they bring.

Can Joe Judge follow the same path Tom Coughlin charted to the Super Bowl Championships for the NY Giants?

The judge certainly underlined the importance of the fundamentals, which worked hand in hand in building a competitive culture last summer.

During training camp, the first-year head coach removed last names from NY Giants training jerseys, held one of the most physical and grueling camps in the league, and even sent players and coaches to execute penalty rounds for errors during drills.

Some feared that Judge’s tactics, with no proven success to justify them, would risk alienating the head coach from his locker room before he had a chance to win them over during the season.

Barber says he’s not surprised the Giants joined and by the end of the season they were among the most competitive teams in the league, despite losing three of their last four games.

“For most athletes,” says Barber. “As long as they see themselves improving, they will buy. You can tell they both operate with that mindset, which makes them great coaches.”

NY Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard said Judge is exactly the kind of coach a young team needs to set the tone, and aims to build on the foundation established last season.

“You know what? It was honestly good for us,” Shepard said recently. “We were going into the fourth quarter and the guys were whistling and we were like nothing happened. So he gets us in shape, but it is for good.

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