Ole Miss QB, a top contender for a Zach Wilson ascent

Size weight: 6 feet 1, 205 pounds (school measurements).

Statistics 2020: 231 of 326 (70.9%) for 3,337 yards, 29 TDs and 14 INTs; 112 runs for 506 yards (4.5 on average), 4 TDs (10 games played).

Watched Game Strip: vs. Kentucky (Oct 3, 2020), vs. Alabama (Oct 10, 2020), vs. Arkansas (Oct 17, 2020).

What I liked : Corral has a very intriguing skill set. He is an excellent athlete and a versatile pitcher. He is able to drive the ball through small windows, stack it on linebackers / under safeties, and drop the ball deep into the bucket. Its overall feel is exceptional. He has tremendous quickness and awareness inside the pocket to dodge the free rusher. He is effective on QB runs designed because of his suddenness and ability to evade defenders. He’s very competitive to fight for extra yards.

Where it needs to improve: Turnovers are the main issue and they have come in droves in the 2020 campaign. He threw 11 of his 14 interceptions in 2 games (against Arkansas and LSU). His main issues were locking in his initial reading, failing to identify underlying defenders and forcing the ball into non-existent windows. I think he can clean that up. I have seen him maneuver and manipulate safeties with his eyes in the games I have studied. There’s one more thing he needs to work on: his eyes stick out past his feet as he occasionally sweeps from side of the field to the other. He doesn’t let his feet catch up and he drops the ball with an unaligned base, which impacts his accuracy.

The biggest takeaway: I’ve been asked what college QB might emerge this fall, in the same way Jets first-round pick Zach Wilson appeared last year at BYU. Corral would be my answer. He doesn’t have quite the same arm talent as Wilson, but he has similar instincts, creativity, and playing ability. Wilson had ball safety issues in 2019 and he cleaned them up in 2020. Hopefully Corral will have similar results in 2021.

He reminds me : I just mentioned Wilson. Their situations are very similar. However, from a skill standpoint alone, I consider Derek Carr the best comparison for Corral. Carr is a bit taller, but the operational speed and athleticism between the two players are almost identical. Corral is more aggressive than Carr during his college career at Fresno State, but both players could make every pitch and also extend plays. Carr receives a lot of unwarranted criticism, but he has quietly emerged as one of the most consistent smugglers over the past few years. If Corral can improve his ball safety, I could see a similar path for him.

I can’t wait to see him play: in Alabama on October 2. Corral played very well against Nick Saban’s defense last season (21 of 28 for 365 yards, 2 touchdowns; 13 carries for 40 yards). Ole head coach Miss Lane Kiffin will be fired to light up the scoreboard against her former boss, and Corral should be even more comfortable with another year in the Kiffin system. He won’t have Elijah Moore – a Jets second-round pick over Ole Miss this year – to lean on, but he still has plenty of attractive options to choose from in the squad’s squad. .

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