On Arthur Smith and Dean Pees, Desmond Ridder, Jared Bernhardt, Matt Ryan and more

ATL’s Jason Roberts

Always love to see everyone’s questions and your answers are the best. I know we are not looking at next year but I think we will field more pitch rushers before the start of the season and OL as well or are we going to cash in both for next year and manage our team competitive this year.

bay: Thanks for the kind words, Jason. I appreciate back and forth even (perhaps especially) with those who disagree. I think this about your question: The Falcons are trying to win as many games as possible. They’ll sign a lineman during the break and clear up skill points, like they just did after minicamp tryouts.

Will they be really competitive with this roster? Time will tell us. They will try to be and will continue to shuffle the bottom of the list in particular, looking for Anthony Rush style rough diamonds.

I think the offensive line needs to improve. There are three open spots along the line, and it will be a huge camp for fighters at right tackle, left guard and center. This is a good thing. The Falcons need to build that line, find out who owns, where to cut bait and where to invest in talent. That will be key for the Falcons this year and next.

Scotty B from Dubai/Atlanta

Is this team underrated or am I just a devout fan? Having lived with the Falcons’ *relatively* constant mediocrity since the ’80s, at some point you start to lose confidence, and the comparisons to the Cleveland Browns start to sting. That said, some of the players we’ve added this offseason, draft and otherwise, look like they could add a real spark. So I guess I’m asking, even if they “add a real spark”, are we talking about a spark just for the funzies and we lose over 12 games? Or do we have a chance of being at least a spoiler, if not a realistic chance of being a decent team (over 8 wins?)?

bay: Alright, dude. Big name. Considered underrated/overrated, it’s still tough. If we look at the line of games won in 2022, it sits at 4.5. The Falcons are not highly respected there. I believe they will earn more than that. Last year the number was 4, and they actually won 7.

I think the chemistry of this team will help, as well as some of the new talent being drafted or signed. But, like a year ago, they are super thin in some places. They need to stay healthy to stay competitive.

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