Paul Klee: Dance with Justin Timberlake at a Broncos Super Bowl party and Nathaniel Hackett was a great rookie | Broncos

DENVER — Everything you’ve heard about new Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett is true.

Energy. The man, the energy. Does he shoot Skittles? The brain. Damn, I had to google neurobiology, his academic specialty. His obsession with Justin Timberlake. His goofy sense of humor.

“I’m going to try to be the sexiest coach in the NFL against (Matt Fleur, his former boss with the Packers),” the Broncos’ 18th coach said during his introduction Friday.

Hey, bald is beautiful. We both hope.

But you’re not reading this to see another member of the media blindly trust authority because they carry important credentials, have a nice smile, or look so nice. The Coloradans were more demanding than that. As the Broncos’ 18th coach, Hackett has one job and one job.

Results. It’s all that matters. To earn.

“He’s big on the arts, helping others, volunteering in the community,” Broncos general manager George Paton said.

Great. Do not worry. Vance Joseph brought his giant, awesome dog to work at the UCHealth training facility. I loved this dog, but neither “VJ” nor the dog won. Vic Fangio told funny stories and cooks a medium meatball. He left too. Here’s the only way the Broncos’ new era of football is successful: A former hip-hop dance instructor, Hackett makes a move on TikTok during a Broncos Super Bowl party in Phoenix (2023), Las Vegas (2024) , New Orleans (2025) or whatever after that – with Justin Timberlake on the mic.

Then and only then Hackett was a good recruit. All the other things couldn’t have been less important.

I enjoyed Hackett’s introduction as much as the next guy. He was authentic, funny, sensational. The 42-year-old has emerged as the kind of leader who can turn beagles into watchdogs, and the Broncos recently rolled like beagles. He played every Broncos hit. He begged John Elway for a No. 7 jersey (“I’m not kidding,” Hackett said.) He talked about Elway throwing deep balls in the day (“Let’s face it, that’s what the people in the stands love it”). He names the play-calls after songs from “Star Wars” or Timberlake. As a character in a galaxy far, far away, Hackett claimed he would be Han Solo.

“He also has the beautiful princess,” Hackett said.

His patient wife Megan sat in the front row.

“Sorry, I had to say that,” he said, laughing. “She’s so mad at me right now.”

All good things! Hackett’s debut made you want to play 18 holes with the guy, the true measure of a man. No matter. Defeat the bosses. Win the AFC West. Win a Super Bowl. That’s all that mattered here, and it’s high time to get back to the norm. Now the Broncos’ Pro Bowl lobby is voting on Twitter. (I haven’t seen Tom Brady pushing for Pro Bowl votes on Twitter. Have you?) Now, the best days at Mile High involve Mike Shanahan and Peyton Manning in the Ring of Fame. Now the Broncos are doing almost everything well except winning, the most important thing.

Too many managers are in charge now because they say the right things, worked for the right people, walked the right line. For Hackett to be a good rookie, results must be what counts.

Friday in Dove Valley was a great start. He even wore a suit! Hackett recalled the time in Buffalo when he asked his father to come and critique his coaching style. Longtime college and NFL coach Paul Hackett then brought 20 pages of notes to a family dinner.

“I felt really good about my style of training up until (then),” Hackett joked.

Even better, Hackett signed Aaron Rodgers to the Broncos without recruiting Aaron Rodgers to the Broncos.

“Aaron was absolutely amazing. He was one of my biggest supporters and I love him,” Hackett said of the Packers star who will likely be a former Packers star in the future. grateful – very much – for him. By training a man like that, the one thing you’ve learned is that it’s better to have an answer to every question. He’s going to ask every question about everything you’re going to do. .

Yes, we heard. It’s endearing.

The Paton and Hackett families posed for a photo together – Paton with his wife and two children, Hackett with his wife and four children. Confident, comfortable, symbolic. You don’t take family photos with a guy you’re planning to fire. It’s personal. It’s against the code of man.

“It’s going to be the biggest decision I’ll ever make in my career,” Paton said of his first (only?) hire.

Hackett’s only mistake on his first day on the job was creating a Twitter account. He should delete it. Does Andy Reid tweet? Bill Belichick? Can you imagine Mike Shanahan on Twitter? Fall for the nervousness of the first day. The Broncos don’t need likes on social media. They need to win, and everything else is everything. Lose every red challenge flag. Call it “Broncos Nation” instead of “Broncos Country”. Remind everyone that you had a great week of training. Just win.

“Make no mistake: it’s only fun to win football games,” Hackett said.

Bingo, coach. But after witnessing Hackett’s first day as Broncos coach, let’s not rule out a quick 18 holes either.

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